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B Hussein Obamanation

B Hussein Obamanation

B Hussein Obamanation, illegal candidate for President, removed from his website the plug for the violent, communist Black Panthers. He has been offered a $1 Million GPA challenge by a classmate who calls him a communist. His 20 years' mentor, spiritual advisor, and crazy racist Black Muslim in C.I.N.O. disguise IrReverent NotWright's "Hate America" sermon was attended by Obamarx, lies notwithstanding. Other Ismamofascists who support Obamarx are Calypso Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic Iran-backed terrorist Hamas, and the Palestinians campaigning for him. B Hussein picked two-time presidential loser "Plagiarist Joe" The Bumbler (who himself feels Obamarx is unqualified to be President) ostensibly to give strength to the ticket as having some foreign policy experience instead of just his own none. But he picked an insider whose foreign policy choices have amounted to proven failure. Furthermore, Plagiarist Joe's six-terms-inside-the-beltway of Washington prove him to be the ultimate insider establishment policitian, instantly negating the whole ticket's false "change" mantra. And this, of course, was more than underscored by all his lifelong insider Washington political "insiders" for his Cabinet and "Czar" posts.

Now that we have suffered for six long years under that SCOAMF, America signed a mutual suicide pact with Marxism on November 8, 2012.

Hanoi John Kerry

Hanoi John Hanoi John Kerry's three self-inflicted "Purple Hearts" and fraudulent Silver Star are finally being investigated by the US Navy. And even his standard hypocrisy on refusing to release his own war records while demanding Bush release his is finally being addressed, including the fact that he may have been DIS-honorably discharged. Even though the record of Hanoi John points conclusively to his life history of being a coward, fraud, and liar, these are not the real reasons to despise him.

The real reason to hate Hanoi John is that he is a communist traitor . He became a traitor the day he uttered his perjured slander of the entire US military, which gave the US's Communist enemies "aid and comfort," specifically as it was used against our own POWs and troops still in the theater of combat.

Furthermore, Hanoi John has since then been the most pro -Communist (especially North Vietnamese) and steadfastly anti-US military Senator in history. Hanoi John's picture hangs in its rightful place of "honor" among helping heroes of Communism in the "War Crimes Museum" in (former) Saigon. He was the spokesman for his subversive Vietnam Veterans Against the War then and is supported by the Communist Party to this day. It is no wonder Hanoi "Ho Chi Minh is the George Washington of Vietnam" John is trying to suppress his own book The New Soldier. He doesn't want to undeceive the millions of citizens who voted for him and against America.

Michael Moron 59 Deceits in "Fahrenheit 9/11" from Michael Moron, that Massive Morose Marxist who functions as the Leni Riefenstahl of the fungus-fringed enemy within left.
Hanoi Jane Fonda (John Kerry in drag)
Good riddance to Yassir Fatrat
Subverting America Through Counterculteral Marxist "Re-Educators"
The Third Jihad by Larry Abraham
C A I R The Terrorist- Friendly Part of our Enemy Within
The Lies of LiberAl Gore
The Eco-Heathen Propaganda of LiberAl Gore
The Eco-Heathen Anthropogenic Global Warming, R.I.P.
Slick Willie's Latest Satanic One-World CGI via Doug Band
The Clinton Body Count
The Genuine Clinton Military/US Philosophy
Slick Willie's Military Record
Anyone But Hitlery
Who Really Won the '06 Election? (Part 1)
Who Really Won the '06 Election? (Part 2)
The National Debt
Visit Some Supporters of Socialism
View Socialism Up Close and Working Smoothly
Every January MLK Genuinely Remembered
Let Us Never Forget the Black Panthers or Their Coloring Book
The Anti-Christ League of U namericans
Smokescreen Clintoniev Felonies and MoveOn.treason to One World Communism

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