It's War!

It's War!

by Twoey Clarke

September 11, 2001

Today is a day that will live in infamy. In a dastardly attack on several high-occupancy buildings, the Islamofascists perpetrated a slaughter that was far worse than America's original Pearl Harbor. And it was comparatively worse still because civilians were murdered in large numbers in what were deliberately civilian targets.

Now is the time for our President to call a joint session of Congress for the purpose of declaring all-out war against islamofascism. We, the United States, should declare war against all suspected islamofascists, both foreign and domestic. This should be a war in which no quarter will be given: the goal of this war should be only the death of every suspected islamofascist in the world. And death should meted out generously to any individual, organization, city, or nation that gives harbor to these terrorists.

Clearly there is - in reality - already a war on. Up through today it has been waged by only one side. Now is the time for the US to declare total war from our side. Today is the day to act swiftly and severely to make war official, make it fatal, make it final, and use ever tactic available to make it victorious.

Some may argue that the crazed diaper-heads actually want to become "martyrs." Rest assured that the heathen camel jockeys will instead roast redly in Hell. And the sooner the better.

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