What's Left is Always Right

What's Left is Always Right

(in the media)

© by Dennis York 2014

Frequently the nightly news reports on the hideous acts of an "extreme right-wing dictator." I find this statement as clearly confusing as jumbo shrimp. It is as oxymoronic as the unbiased media making the report.

To the media, right means bad. Left has little if any meaning. They are emotional terms rather than diagnostic terms. Whenever a dictator commits an atrocity, that dictator is "right wing." However, the terms left and right can and do have simple, meaningful, non-judgmental definitions in politics:

An extreme left wing government would control all activities of its citizens. North Korea is a contemporary example of an extreme left wing government. An extreme right wing government is oxymoronic and cannot exist. The United States, in 1776, was a good example of a right-leaning government.

An inherent trait of government is an inevitable leftward predisposition with time. Humans build governments, humans are inherently greedy, and therefore governments are inherently greedy and satisfy their greed through ever expanding governmental power.

All dictators are left wing unless they are an army of one.

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