Free Abu-Jamal?
by Twoey Clarke

In the City of Philadelphia in 1981, Officer Daniel Faulkner was investigating a vehicle and its driver when from across the street Abu-Jamal, the driver's brother, attempted to murder Officer Faulkner by shooting him in the back. Officer Faulkner spun around and, in self defense, returned fire on Abu-Jamal, hitting him in the chest. Neither's initial wounds were fatal.

Officer Faulkner was the first to collapse from his back wound, and lay helplessly on the pavement as Abu-Jamal walked across the street and consummated the act of murder by empyting his gun into the fallen policeman's head and body.

Then Abu-Jamal also collapsed and lived to get convicted for the brutal and cowardly murder he had carried out.

Abu-Jamal does not deserve to be freed. Abu-Jamal is a dirty, goddamned murderer, and deserves only to be fried. Slowly.

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