Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 9

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Dubious Judgment Dubious Judges.
Here, Now Thankfully Gone The Bad Fads Museum.
Cyber-Lovah Central Herbzipper.
Fantastically Bad Art Craptastica.
Lurid Paperback Art Of the Week.
3,000,000 Rarely Seen Items American History Museum.
Modern Tunes, Religious Lyrics Re-Versed Lyrics.
The Forgotten Looney Tunes Character Gallery.
Different Sexual Strokes For Different Ghost Folks.
We Made Out in a Tree and This Old Guy Sat and Watched Us.
Oral Sex Porn Oral Tooth Brush, That Is.
Amish Heat Will Raise Your Barn Tonight.
Real Signs Real Fun Signs, That Is.
Have More Fun National Blonde Day.
My All Time Favorite TV Show Boris Karloff's Thriller.
Participate in the Project Date My Sister.
More Travelled Than Her Panties Tales of the Bra.
I Woke Up In Love This Morning At the Partridge Family Temple.
The Unabridged Dictionary Of Body Language.
Down From the Stars Thumb Wars.
Like a Tongue Full of Asshole And No Apologies.
Save it 'Neath Your Pillow For the Stool Fairy.
The Famous' Famous Last Words.
Catering to the Sophisticated Consumer of ManBeef.
For Your Complete Protection Captain Safety.
Full Frontal Vegetable Male Nudity.
Romance Advice No One Should Take.
The Biggest and Baddest "Survivor" Is From Monster Island.
Browse the Shelves of The Invisible Library.
What Went On, What Came Off Mau Mau Sex.
Sift the Bottom of the Barrel Drop Dead Ugly Dating Service.
Does Yours Qualify As a Pscho Ex Girlfriend?
The Logical Conclusion Of Nippy Anklescorn.
Not Fake, Like on TV The Psychic Puppy Network.
Look Up Your Alibi at The Mother of All Excuses.
The Y 2 K Police Simulator.
Antique Medical and Electrotherapy Quackatorium.
Remember Your Best Friend Forever Hamster Taxidermy.
Gone and Fogotten The Worst Comics Ever.
Substitute in the X Files Underpants for Aliens.
For True Chicken Lovers Chicken Fetish.
Embarassment and Shame Answered.
For Financially Challenged The Ghettoscooter.
Glory, Sex, Drugs, Scandal Alvin and the Chipmunks.
In Action Now Action Figures.
Whatever You Do Don't Anger the Ferret.
Why, Oh Why Chastity Belts.
101 Valentines Least Loved.
Now, Any Page May Be Pornolized.
The Institute for Naming Children Humanely.
Legend of The BadgerMonkey.
Death, O Just Death to MiniScooters on the Sidewalk.
Things That Have Been Sold In Vending Machines.
Gynomammophallitis Research Chicks With Dick-Tits.
Tribal Tattoos The Vanishing Tattoo.
"Prodigy" Drawings By James G. Mundie.
Dirty Harry Is At It Again.
Not Studied in Zoos Cryptozoology.
Quest, Oh Most Noble For Stinky Feet.
The Tube Goes Dark Television Passings.
Tasteless Design Fetus Soap on a Rope.
Add Your Own to Already Half-Baked Ideas.
Celebrity Babies What Would They Look Like?
Hostess Without the Mostest From Naked News.
What Would You Dare If It Were for Dollars?
It's So Geeky - Sewgeeky's Sewing Confession Booth.
Gaming Stress Relief Who Would You Kill?
TV Shows in Decline Jump the Shark.
New Alternative to Abstinence The Technical Virgin.
See Kirk Straight Hear Him Skewed.
Fashion Fighting Famine Meat Helmet.
Learn the Difference Between Male and Female Orgasms.
View the Vertical Smiles You've Been Mooned.
Fast and Affordable Murder Scene Clean-Up.
Reality Video And It's Alltrue.
Canadian Crop Circles What Do They Mean?
All CDs One Price $9.99 Including S+H.
Meet the Most Eligible Bachelor/Sysadmins on the Net.
Increasing Your Trials All the Tests.
Disappointing Only the Parents The Ugly Baby Site.
Fresher Than "Monkey Spanking" A Euphemism Generator.
Hitler's Hat, and Other Videos By Jeff Krulik.
Navigator to Internet Audio Napigator.
Life Passing By In Fleeting Comments.
The Ultimate Site to Win a Million Dollars.
The Kama Sutra For Cuddly Creatures.
The Expanded Version The Kama Sooty.
Funny Headlines From Around the World.
Your Parents Warned You About Drunk at Purdue.
Don't Just Cheer Them Egg Them On.
There's Just No Puke Like Kat Puke.
Solace for All Employees Burger King Therapy Center.
The Thirst for Higher Education Welcome to Brew U.
Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad.
The Britney Spears Guide To Semiconductor Physics.
Certifiably Poor Taste Obscene Interiors.
You Think Lassie Saves? Well, Lassie Kills.
The Caffeine Addict's Quiz Check for A.D.D.
Ads for Products That Don't Exist.
When I Fly Will I Die?
For Sideways Shooting Gangsters The Ethnic Handgun.
Step-by-Step Guide To Joining the Forces of Darkness.

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