Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 8

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Flounder's JavaScript Mission Statement Generator.
Swift Vengeance Anarchy at 7-Eleven.
Internet Personals Way Too Personals.
Homicidal Fascist Fashions The Trenchcoat Mafia.
Seriously Not Serious Sports Out of Left Field.
Associated Federation Against Clown Stalkers.
Arresting Your Attention The Love Police.
Keep an Eye Peeled So No Antler's Stealed.
European War Looms Again Between England and Germany.
The Best Chronicles Are The Breast Chronicles.
Visit the Pet Orphanage For Cast-Off Mascots.
For the Bond Girls Generate Your Name.
The Canonical List Of Weird Band Names.
Jedi Nights The Fantom Phallacy.
Reenactment of Titanic With Legos at Sea.
Not Highly Esteemed Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.
Browsing Under the Influence Take the Test.
Certifiably Behind the 8-Ball Only Half the Time.
This Is Supposed To Be Bad? Women Suck.
Better an Unnecessary Working Gun Than a Necessary NonWorking One.
When You Can't Ask Me AskMen.
At Work, Play, or Love Rate Yourself.
Stop Those Bombarding Rays Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.
The Name Says it All Xenophilia.
Writing Company Policy? Web Economy Bullshit Generator.
Gillian Anderson Almost Naked And Eating Pie.
Take it All Off Adult Paper Dolls.
Pointlessly Professional Cavalcade Of Derek's WalMart Receipts.
Testing Neighbor's Observation With Stinkymeat.
Treasures from eBay Most Bizarre, That Is.
Ultimate Hollywood Guide Seeing Stars.
Visit Pimptopia Try Warp-a-Sissy.
Foundation: Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa.
Great Continent Atlantis Forever Sunken.
Our Favorite Subject Matter Useless Sexual Trivia.
We All Have Addictions Some Are Unusual.
When Ginger Snaps Gingerbread Men, That Is.
The Power to Be Heard Tell Them Now.
Suffer a Fool Suffer a Toxic Boss.
Increase Fondle, Increase Fun The Third Nipple.
LOON - Lobbyist Organization For Orbital Nullification.
For Sale By Mental Patient.
Back in the Good Old Days When Justice Was Sure and Swift.
Past Elvi Life Regression.
Your Personal Baby Trading Available at eBaby.
Sexual Mishaps and More From Bangedup.
Food Can Be Seductive Especially Rhubarb.
Eroticism of a Different Flavor Prawnography Net.
Test Thought Cleanliness Who Am I?
Keep Yourself Guessing At Cool Quiz.
Scrotum the Puppy Fun With Guns, and More.
Subset of Film Noir Bowling Noir.
Not Just Flat, But 100 Other Uses for a Cat.
Watch the Baby Dance Then Shoot Him.
Real Sunken Treasure RMS Republic.
Free Is a Very Good Price Free Scholarships.
Tour San Francisco Through Dirty Harry's Eyes.
You Need Witness Protection Jehovah's Witnesses.
Ultracool Shopping Aid Click the Button.
Free! IP Long Distance Dialpad.
Don't Just Watch Porn Make and Sell Your Own.
Immortalize Your Member When It Is at Its Peak.
No Odes to Trees Just to Duct Tape.
Generate Your Very Own Urban Legend.
TV Like it Used to Be In the Good Old Days.
Some of Our Favorite Legends Are Urban Legends.
Great Project Concept But What Motivation?
A Compendium of Suffering My Miserable Life.
Naval Terminology Jargon and Slang.
See and Judge For Yourself Britney Spears' "Growth Spurt."
Yes, Your HMO Really Is a Joke.
Who's Alive and Who's Dead.
Out of This World Fitness Comes From Aliens.
Think You're Bad Off? Visit Kenneth Kelly.
Tammy Lynn Jessup's Jesus Is Lord Escort Service.
There Really Is a Board For Marketing Lard.
Long Distance So Great It's Cool.
Everyman's Handiest Ever Guide How to Lay Girls.
Menopausals' Greatest Need Cartoons from Minnie Pauz.
Ed McMahon Presents World's Greatest Hump Chariots.
No Living Animals Were Molested at The Inflatable Clydesdale Project.
Bypass Super-Cost Super Models Billy Bob's Discount Egg Auction.
Taking Very Seriously That Which Was Poked at Them in Fun.
Write Your Congressman And Virtual Freak Show.
The Truth Will Out Cats Are from Mars.
When Cardboard Sign Makers Practice Truth in Advertising.
Famous Last Words Of Infamous, Rotten Muderers.
Length, Girth, Width How's a Guy Measure Up?
Graphic Wet, Sloppy Sex Between Slugs.
Satirical Postage Stamp Parodies Art Gone Postal.
Trailer Trash Leather Clad.
Madamoiselle Noir's Esthetically Unpleasing Goth Boi.
Visit and Stay Awhile at The Toilet Museum.
And While Your Pants Are Down Do Some Nitpicking.
Does Understanding Decrease Appreciation for cRAP?
More Flair Than Blair The Brooklyn Witch Project.
Famous, But Not Looking Good At the Celebrity Morgue.
Insulting Greeting Cards From Riponsomeone.
Here's Something Unusual to See The Museum of Menstruation.

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