Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 7

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Preferable to a Hug Shoot a Teletubby.
Epostcards That Are "Different" Popecards.
Lose the Panties Find the Celery.
The Real Story About Eggs Operation Egg Crackdown.
Better Late Than Never Way to Catch Sperm.
Keep a 24/7 Eye Out For Nessie.
Tons of Sick Stuff Online Diaries.
Confess Now On the Internet.
Whatever Happened to... Former Child Stars.
Jamming a Pair of Scissors Repeatedly Into Your Crotch.
Crime Doesn't Pay If You're Stupid.
Clairvoyant Nonsequiters The Horoscope Blender.
Bugs Bunny and Other Warner's Cartoon Companion.
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Jackie Kennedy's Garage Sale.
The Encyclopedia of Inflatable Companionship.
New Tools for Superheroes Hostess Snacks.
Not Found Elsewhere Underground Origami.
How Do You Measure Up? Find Out Exactly.
Satirical Twist to News Cyberstones Magazine.
Truth in Labeling Fraudutek Industries.
Generate Your Very Own Conspiracy Theories.
Truly, the Original Cat Scan.
Better Acting than Jack Webb The William Shatner Simulator.
Butterfly McQueen Resurrected In Jar Jar Binks.
Mr. ASCII Learns the Macarena.
Graphic Examples of Practicing the First Amendment.
Helpful Tips on Shaving Your Pubes.
Y2K Compliance is Critical The Indispensible iBrator.
Seeking New Internet Lingo The Jargon Scout.
The Loveable Dancing Baby Contracts Flesh Eating Disease.
Create Your Own Movie Star Worse, That Is.
All Errors, All the Time 404 Research Lab.
They Have Rights, Too International Mushroom Movement.
Delight in the Disgusting Cartoon of the Week.
Tasteless Humor from Dementedweb.
The Best Ads We'll Never See.
If He's Truly a Jerk Let Everyone Know.
Everything's Made Somewhere Even Farts.
"How to" the Traditional North Carolina Moonshine.
Fulfill Their Depressive Fantasies By Hunting Down Goths.
Delight in Brutal Honesty With Insensitivity Cards.
Rare Horror Movies Enigma Theater.
Don't Just Watch Them Dance Watch Them Die.
Admittedly They're Fascinating Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breasts.
Contribute to His New Car and Get Cheap Web Authoring.
Oh, the Nightmares! The Flashbacks! Reliving the '60's.
Forget the "Got Milk" Have You Got Alice Cooper?
Space - The Final Frontier Right From Your Monitor.
The Ghosts of California Spectral Gate.
When Mutiplicative Bunnies Take Over Your Monitor.
You Must See to Believe Japanese Fetishes.
When Alone with Your Monkey And He Needs Spanking.
Contemplate More than Navels Contemplate the Lint Therein.
Ugliness on URLs Warthogs of the Web.
360 Degree View Battle of Gettysburg.
Test Grandpa's Pacemaker Fake Lotto Tickets.
From the Files of AOL Geek of the Week.
Ultimate Final Marketing Funerals to Die For.
The Anti-Midget Alliance Proof Midgets Are Evil.
Gary South's Y2K End of the World.
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry And Die Promptly Tomorrow.
Designed by Morons Just for Morons.
When the Tasteless 60's Meet a Toymaker.
Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper.
View or Contribute to the Crazy Pickle Arm Man.
Infinitely Worse than Y2K The Y5B Problem.
Biological Warfare for the Masses Send Virtual Plague.
Have Fun and Evaluate Psy Tests and Quizzes.
Oliver Stoned Take Note Elvis Killed JFK.
The Solution to the Y2K Problem Use Sock Monkeys.
Naturalistic Decision Making in Selecting a Spouse.
Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters and Mythical Creatures.
Dee Dee's Loonie Bin of Jokes.
The Greatest Humor List Bestofhumor.
When Fuzzy Logic Meets Coyote Ugly.
Most Americans Buy It You Can Buy it Bottled.
From Around the World Restrooms of the Future.
Bomb This, America! Saddam Hussein's Site.
Police News and Entertainment APB Online.
Gallery of Postcards Tacky Postcards, That Is.
Interactive Online Diary The Internet Diary.
The Identification and Classification of North American Farts.
Spend a Sleepless Night With a Wild Red Head.
Hamlet's Great Soliloquy And Great Parodies.
Handy for Home or Office Rubber Band Guns.
Dire, Dangerous, and Drastic Mr. Y2K.
Treasury of Prank Calls The Looney Bin.
Sign the Petition Now Down With Gravity.
Pick a Mood See the Crackerhead.
Visit LilVivid to get A Free Brother.
Boarding, Fashion, et al 2-Zero Ezine.
Peer at the Inner Workings The Furby Autopsy.
Up, Down, Up The Regurgitator.
Observe Cartoon Girls He Wants to Nail.
Paradoxes in Quantum Theory Schroedinger's Cat.
Infiltration - Where No Man Is Supposed to Have Gone Before.
Showcased and Celebrities' The Museum of Dirt.
The Really Big, Important Survey Of Human Tendencies.

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