Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 6

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Wit, Wisdom, and Collectibles Of the Urban Eskimo.
Have Some Real Fun Dissecting Brian's Brain.
Learn Danish at Sten's By Talking to Taxi Drivers.
Just the Opposite of Pom-Poms Are Demotivational Posters.
The Oldest of All Hymnals Is the One for Cthulhu.
Submit Your Own Suggestions for The KY Jelly Instruction Contest.
UC Santa Cruz's Mascot The Banana Slug.
World's Only Performing Flatulist Mr Methane.
Girls Now Sing About It The Menstral Minstrels.
Specializing in Sick and Wrong The Joe Cartoon Company.
News, Views, or Entertainment? CyberStones Magazine.
Advice for the Truly Hardcore Ask a Klingon.
Let Him Know He's Wrong With a Relationship Citation.
The Application to Become Her Ex-Boyfriend.
Fear Face to Face? Propose via the Net.
Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey.
Before They Go "Live" Wild Feed TV.
Excesses Only from the Net Obsessive Fan Sites.
Trading Cards for Nerds Of Mathematicians.
Do the Timewarp With Miss Abigail's Advice.
Flame Broiling Both Burgers And Ex-Employees.
Become a Plastic Surgeon To the Stars.
All Chambers Loaded The Sledge Hammer Arsenal.
Actors in MTV Videos Spot 'Em.
There's No News Like Wacky Newz.
Everyone Should Collect Even if it's Someone Else.
Humorous Tidbits The Chatterbox.
The Official Strategy Guide Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Worship the Mad Goddess I Know I Did.
It's Pretty Damn Funny Da Page.
Help the Damsel in Distress Design Her Areolae.
No Academy Award Here "Die, Leonardo BiCrapio."
New Meaning for Word "Shelter" Twentieth Century Castles.
Various and Wonderful The Culture Jammers' Encyclopedia.
Leigh's Movie and Stick Figure Death Emporium.
Popular Beyond the Grave Billy the Dead Boy.
Behind the Deceptive Peace Lurks the Amish Resistance.
Access Any Kind of Porn Even Genuine Amish.
Speaking of Unusual Porn There Is Also Furniture.
And Also There's Cow Porn.
The Brain Mexican Crusade Against Squirrels.
Welcome to Dixon Prelude to Hell.
Actual Interest in Lectures For College Students.
Udderly the Best In Milk Dispensers.
If You Can Say It You Can Display It.
Something Strange Is Happening At Parascope.
No "Yes" Man in Real Life? Hire One on the Net.
The Genuinely Unforgettable Tribute to Princess Diana.
The Sport of Landlubbers Squirrel Fishing.
My Other House Is Chateau Versailles.
Be Vigilant Against Killers in Sheep's Clothing.
Who's Future Is Not Bright? Tregoire's Dead Pool.
Somethin' Bad is Cookin' In the Kitchen.
Ah, So! Misfortune of A Bad Fortune Cookie.
You Might Be A Minnesotan if....
Bourbon Street, 24 hrs/day Watch for Live Hookers.
Newer than Fortune Cookies Digital Destiny.
Concentrated Wild and Weird Rider's Freak Show Circus.
They've Got the Fever She's Got the Cure.
Like Pearls in Oysters Treasures in Dumpster Diving.
Pitch Stories to the Audience Bedtime for Ugly Children.
When You're Down and Out Seek Help from Lori.
Misadventures in Babysitting For the Kerns.
Yes, There Are Good Lawyers Dead Lawyers, that Is.
Oh! The Humanity! Worst Movies Ever.
Weird and Twisted Graphics from Futile.
The Wit and Wisdom Of Imelda Marcos.
Screaming Betrayal Celebrity Anagrams.
How to Possess A Possessed Pet.
"Up on Your Left Foot" And Other Cadence Songs.
Competition Among the Famous Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi.
Crusade Eternal and Noble Against Stupidity.
Traced Down at Last The End of the Internet.
Pointed Journalism The Daily Smear.
SNOTSYKIM'S Naturalist Crusade Against Silicone.
Automated Web Support For the Ebonically Impaired.
The Final Support Group Is for Nerds.
Greater Availability of Those So Familiar Faces.
Scientific Experiments With Scientific Tools.
It Came Not Just to Kill But to Cleanse the Earth.
Too Much Time at College Oogabooga.
Buy a Piece of the Titanic Well, the Movie, Anyway.
Polly Prefers Penis Instead of Crackers.
Raise Your Own Sheep With the Clonomatic.
Circumspectly Cyberpractice Circumcisions.
The World's Only On-Line In-Stall Magazine.
Don't Screw Up That Important Final Act When You Doyerself.
More Handy than a Prayer Rug The Presidential Kneepads.
A Magazine Not at Hairdressers By and For the Realman.
Give the Ideal Gift To Someone Full of Horseshit.
How Your Breakfast Cereal Predicts Your Sexlife.
Quirky, Confidential Documents From The Smoking Gun.
Some People Think Mariah Can't Carey a Tune.
Examine the World's Worst Headlines.

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