Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol.5

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

The Downsides(s) of Aging At the Old Folk's Home.
The Other End of the Spectrum The Dancing Baby.
Clearing That Final Hurdle Women Who Piss Standing.
Veni...Vidi... Viti...Teste.
Virtual Cards for Public Breast Feeding.
Not Just Monica Lewinsky But All Chicks?
To Club or Not to Club There's a Harpseal.
Augmenting Afro-Centric History Well, Mr T's Anyway.
The Next Logical Step In Protectionist Whacko-isms.
Disturbing Thoughts Where the Truth Hurts.
Learn Your Own History The Past Life Game.
Alternative Population Control? Legalized Murder.
Very Interesting and Strange But True.
At Last De-Cloaked by Hillary That Vast Rightwing Conspiracy.
Set Aside All Doubts as to Why OJ Didn't Do It.
See Dick, See Jane, See Spot See Them Die, Die, Die.
Why Cybersex Is No Better Than Sex in Real Life.
Truth in Labelling the Visual From Rotten dot Com.
Tips on Technique on How to Be a Porn Star.
Not Just Useless Protoplasm But Potential Power for a City.
Records You'd Love to Break Are the Sexual Ones.
Courses for Women Possibly Designed by Men.
Upper West Side Chinese Restaurant Name Generator.
Identify if You Can Models in Gas Masks.
Check for the Sinister In Reversed Speech.
Whatever Became of That Former Child Star?
Women Are from Bras Men Are from Penus.
Sing While You Surf Midi Karaoke.
The Night Before Christmas (Mad Scientist).
The Night Before Christmas (Ebonics).
Those Sinister and Scary Ubiquitous Squirrels.
Protecting the Spirit of Christmas Elves in Black.
The All-Too Common Syndrome My Boss Sucks.
Find Familiar Timeworn Phrases With the Cliché Finder.
Science Meets Fascism Politically "Correct" Physics.
Just Out for Males Your Relationship Stress Test.
Like an Ex-Fallen Angel The Ex-Lawyer.
Preserving the Pulp In Pulp Fiction.
Halloween Is Over. What Should We Do With Those Witches?
Oooooh! How Real! The Devices of Hollywood.
Utterly the Most Compelling Scientific Lures in History.
Boons Via the Internet Rid Him of His Curse.
If You Like "B" Westerns You'll Love This Place.
The Latest and Least Flattering Celebrity Lookalike Contest.
Sure They Always Pester You But How do They Feel?
Highly Inventive Even if Somewhat Less than Practical.
Latest Intergalactic "Struggle" Of the Starwhores.
If These Seem Sensible to You You Must be a Lawyer.
If Batman Is Forever Whatever Is he For?
Stupidity - Not Just for Customers But for Co-Workers, too.
Still Waters Run Deep Often, By Still Waters.
Captured on Film The Battle of the Sexes.
In Santa Cruz - Where to Go When You Have to Go.
The Sad Chronicle of Hollywood's Most Painful Relationships with Females.
Once You Have Joined You Never Leave Alive.
It Is Good to Collect Something Even if it's Phallic Symbols.
Remember...Your Anus Is An Exit, Not an Entrance.
Elmo Is No Challenge Try Tickling Spawn.
Females - Know Your Adversary Guide to North American Males.
Send Sick, Dead, or Dying Flowers to Your DeLoved Ones.
Better Remembered as Bad Than Forgotten Altogether.
Shed Your Slave Name with the Farrakhan African Name Generator.
Join the Righteous Crusade Concerned Parents Against Rock.
Utimate Courage of Exposure The Personal Bedroom Camera.
Clinton Cruises for Girlfriends in The Mobile Homes of Mississippi.
Don't Hide it in the Attic Enter the Ugly Lamp Contest.
All Things Esoteric At Ezeckiel's Website.
You Have a New Love Interest Where Best to Keep Her?
Remote Control Conflict Resolution The Voodoo Assassination Project.
Ten Ways to Tell If You Are a Cannibal.
Doubling Your Pleasure By Doubling Your Fun.
Protecting the World of Food Are the Fat Men in Black.
Attain Maximum Asset Exposure The Internet's Tit Exchange.
Quickly Build Your Harem 8000 Wives in Three Weeks.
Worse than a Poltergeist Stalked by a Possessed Toaster.
Bypass Lyricists with the Country Western Songwriting Kit.
Is Your Family Prepared For a Zombie Attack?
High Art Poetry Combined With Low Journalism Tabloids.
Preclude Unscheduled Nudity With a Condom Tourniquet.
Center for Prevention of Abuse To Shopping Carts.
Hard to Find Gems The Dive Bars of San Diego.
Most Challenging ID Test, Ever Algore, or the Unabomber?
The Collection of Wisdoms Of Severe Tire Damage.
To Beat, or Not to Beat Aye, Here's a Harp Seal.
Jurassic Combats the Modern Gamera vs. Barney.
Behind the Service Scenes Of Engles Gas Station.
Latest Cannibal Delicacy Mike Tyson Ate My Ears.
The Skillfully "Engineered" Approach to Romance.
If the Internet Took Your Life Use it to Get a New One.
The Five Day Forecast For What Day it Feels Like.
You've Seen His Mass Murders Now Hear His Music.
Cheerleaders Inspire Some To Want to Kill Them.
The Town Without Pity Pronunciation Pity, That Is.
Collection of Oddball Records It Crawled from the Bins.
Off Hollyweird's Beaten Path Is the Offbeat Path.
This Life Insured By Smith and Wesson.
A Variety of Humor From The Illegitimate Comedian.
Warning, Will Robinson! Looks Good, Tastes Bad.
And Then There's The Looks Bad, Does Good.

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