Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol.4

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Prevent Anorexia Feed the Supermodel.
The Ultimate Mall For Zombie-Like Shoppers.
Symbolism and Social Relevance Of Gilligan's Island.
Meet Discriminant Boy The Mathematical SuperZero.
Obtain Dietary Encouragement From The Gallery of Regrettable Food.
Combat Those Ambassadors of Evil With People Against Poodles.
Waste Not Your Life Vote for Great Breasts.
Discern the Insidious Beginnings Of Becoming a Rap Moron.
Murderers, Rapists, Robbers And Other Unusual Penpals.
What Do You Do With a Five-Legged Frog?
New Use for Old Computers From Macs to Macquaria.
Decade of Disco The Polyester 70's.
Usefulness, Adaptability, and WD-40 Even Smells Good.
When Boffo Lifts Weights He Becomes "Buffo."
Don't Just Remember the Famous Dismember Them.
Form-alized Help For Flaming the Idiots.
An Overly Spanked Monkey Is a Burning Monkey.
'Tis Best to Have a Gun When You Need One.
Here's Some Terribly Fascinating But Certifiably Useless Information.
Lacking a Real Dog? Virtualize His Calling Cards.
Michael Jackson May Have Fans But He Also Has Victims.
Deserving a Pulitzer In Literature For Timelessness and Utility.
Revealing the Secrets, the Risks Of Squirrel Hazing.
When Little "Sparky" Is No More He Can Become Ashes.
Styles to Attract Clinton Trailer Styles, That Is.
Violent Deaths For You Again, and Again, and Again.
A Map Around the Landmines Which Crop Up Regularly.
The Best of Splash Mountain Are the Mountains that Flash.
More Than Skin Deep? Skin Disease at the Cinema.
Don't Toy with Abuse Abuse this Toy.
Useful in the Ultimate Crisis Famous Last Words.
How Do We Wipe Our Asses? Add to or Read the Stats.
Revealing the Real Origins Of Joe Camel's Face.
Tips on Close-Quarters Harmony Showering With a Friend.
Strangely Ubiquitous Occurrences Of the Number 23.
How the Ads Would Read If "x" Made Condoms.
Help Unscramble the Mess Of the TV Rating System.
Geologically and Chronologically Analyzing Pam Anderson's Breasts.
Well-Known Smiles We'd Rather Not See.
Know the History Know the Words.
Breaks of a Different Kind At Club Methane.
Dating - A Man's View And a Man's Approach.
Not Only in the Local Post Office Disgruntled is Now a Whole Zone.
No Matter How Flat She Is There's Friendship on the Web.
Less Than Alive But More Than Just "Kissed."
Speaking of Which Here's the Comprehensive Guide.
Varied Humor From Sandy Lindsey.
Grab a Cup of Java And Surf the Shrink.
Glimpse the Only News Magazine That Doesn't Wait for Reality.
Since We're Not Robin Leach This Is as Close as We'll Ever Get.
Nymphs Naked in the Sea From Playbuoy.
Heaven's Gate The Original.
Higher Source Toe Tags.
Lacking the Balls to Say No.
Microcult Software.
Combining Rest With Recreation.
One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Treasure.
Comprehensive Guide to the Internet Art of Flaming.
Even Celebrities Will Do Anything for Money.
New Type of Net Marketing Black Marketing, That Is.
Truth in Women's Advertising Visit Europe for Free.
Keeping Idiots Busy Time Yourself.
Nessie Has a Sister In the Swedish Lake Monster.
Animations in "Good" Taste For Your Web Page.
She's Gone but Not Forgotten Why He Hates Jill.
No Doubt the Last List Any Woman Wants Make.
Calculate the Figures To Access Her Figure.
Chariots of Fire? By Dodge.
Chow Down With Gusto At Jeffrey Dahmer's Soup Kitchen.
Speaking of Good Taste There's the Fashion Police.
You Thought N.Y.C. Was Fun You Should Visit L.A.
Bliss or Ball and Chain? Men's View of Marriage.
Save a Trip to Ireland Kiss the Blarney CyberStone.
Rest in Pieces at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.
If Not Up to Mensa Then Definitely Densa.
Behind Sesame Street's Facade Is Sesame Strip.
Pound for Pound For Language Purists.
All Bikini Special Sports Illustrated.
Stangulus Polyestrus' Reproductive Behavior Scientifically Analyzed.
No Dad is Perfect Except Your Internet Dad.
How Mexican Purists Feel About Sloppy Food Lingo.
Shock TV's Ultimate The Dick Dietrick Show.
Talk About Kinky Weird Sex Laws of the USA.
Pop the Little Bastards Before Recycling Bubblewrap.
Add to the Growing Lines Of America on Hold.
Do What the Jury Didn't Try to Put Owe J in Jail.
Overcrowding Brings Adoption Of a Free Baby.
New Oklahoma Land Rush Claim a Piece of Mars.
Better Than a Poke In the Eye With a Sharp Stick?
One Stop Sex Shop Guide to Aphrodisiacs.
Help for the Hyperactive From Laziness Central.
Obey the Rules For How to Be a Guy.
Trapped Like a Rat In a Maze.
It's a Mess It's Science Fiction.
"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" Wretched Writing Welcome.
Are There Any Nice Guys? Yes, But Only on the Net.
Before Confessing to a Priest Consult With Sister Rossetta.
He Doesn't Dislike Girls He Eschews "Relationships."
Not in the Encyclopedia The Urban Legends.
Know the Truth, Live With Fear Of the Jackalope Conspiracy.
A Pun Can Be Fun And a Punny Name Funny.

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