Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 2

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

I Have the "Ex" to Thank For Ripping My Heart Out.
Available Right Now Virus #12406.
Quick! Hide Your Goats From the 'Rican Chupacabra.
Joining Most Hazardous Professions A Projectionist.
For the Internet Deprived Design a Perfect Companion.
The Latest in Personal Comfort Butt Furr Underwear.
Liven Up Your Party With The Parachuting Elvises.
Always Efficient/Occasionally Accurate The Online Pregnancy Test.
Hate Brussel Sprouts? How About Grapefruit?
The One, the Only Shrine to Q-Tips.
Skeletons In Your Closet From the L.A. County Coroner.
Examine What Dogs Eat After the Fact.
You Know, In All that Excitement Arnold May Have Lost Count.
Appropriate Interactive Directions for Screening Psychiatric Hotline Calls.
Musicians Swallowed by Godzilla Captain Feces & Exploratory Orchestra.
Utilize the Internet To Overcome Your Nerd Image.
See HTML Design Nobody Will Ever Forget.
Read OJ's Own License Plate If Justice Had Him Making Them.
Ask Mojo Straight Out And Straight Out, He'll Answer.
Original Graphics? Your Own Photo? Pray They Don't Appear Here.
Like Consulting the Dalai Lama Or Someone Even More Cosmic.
Some Places it's the Opossum Some Places it's the Armadillo.
"History Laid Bare" Sexual Time Travel.
Richard Lederer Is Very Punny Indeed.
Food that Helps Win Wars The Shrine to Spam.
A True Psychic Challenge Alot Trickier Than Bending Spoons.
Issues Gallup Probably Won't Survery And, You Get to Vote on Them.
Building a Better Mousetrap By Combining Blenders with Phones.
Great Lines Make Great Films Then, There're the Lines from "Showgirls."
Unlike a Pricked Balloon You Can Get it Back.
A Goldmine of Humor Greg Bulmash's Page.
Catharsis on the Web Bad Teen Angst Poetry.
You Thought Bloodshot Was Bad? How About This Guy's Viewpoint?
All Things Utilitarian and Wonderful About Duct Tape.
Both Bacterium and Actor Murray's Page.
Help Government "Green" Politics Right in Your Own Backyard.
For Close Encounters of the Worst Kind There Is UFO Abduction Insurance.
In Every Fairy Tale Somebody Lives Happily Ever After.
Now You Can Even Use a Browser To Browse Vegetables.
Here Are a Bunch of Stories to Make Your Brain Slide Down Your Neck.
For Advice With an Attitude Just Ask Fatty.
Rate Your Popularity Potential With the Slut Aptitude Test.
And Other Things Vaginal Nate's Vagina Page.
Compare Your Job With, Say, Skindiving for Roto-Rooter.
No BarbieDoll Collection Is Truly Complete Without These.
HTML for the Clear Sighted The World's Smallest Image Map.
High Literature Becomes a Musical Lord of the Rings Rap.
The Greatest Relationships Can Make You Swoon.
Be All that You Can Be For the Farmer.
The Worst Obscenity of All Is Kitty Porn on the Net.
Hidden Hazards for Women Golfers Pigs on the Links.
Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist Hothead Paisan.
Her Clothes Disappear Faster Than the Pen's Ink Does.
Save Suspense at Summer Films With Predict-o-Scripts.
New Meaning of "Head" Bras From Mens' Shorts.
See Ray Dennis Steckler Films AKA: Cash Flagg Cult Classics.
High Class Health Foods White Trash Cookin' with Ed.
Rate the Sexiness of Your Voice In Open Competition.
Every Man's Nightmare Is About His Penis.
And, Speaking of No Penis If Lesbians Scheduled TV Shows.
Finally, After Centuries The Illuminati Revealed.
For Undercover Nerds A "Closet" Pocket Protector.
Communism May Be Crumbling But Not the World Takeover Team.
Contribute Your Part to Humanity By Becoming a Sperm Donor.
Avoid those Amateurs on TV At The Psychic Chicken Network.
If Opposites Attract How Do Electrons Do It?
Approaching Suddenly From Behind Then Gone With the Winds.
Mixing Poetry With Health Food Haikus to Olestra.
Unlikely Grudge Matches On Which You Get to Vote.
Don't Call it Fat Call it Famine Resistant.
The Truth Is Revealed About Those "Vibrator" Ads.
Now We Know Where All Those Missing Socks Went.
The Deeply Philosophical Questions About Wile E. Coyote.
Get a Life at Dave's And Get a Lot of Laughs, Too.
Forget the Wisdom of the Ages Consult A Teenager.
Really Revealing Pictures Especially the One of Hillary.
Meet the Public And Learn to Hate Them.
Check Out Some Babes Who No Longer Mind It.
Practice Second-Order Vegetarianism At a Different Kind of PETA.
First-Order Vegetarianism For the Legitimate Purist.
Twins Separated at Birth? Kurt Cobain and the Unabomber.
Feeling Down and Irregular? Seek Out "Artistic" Relief.
When at a Loss For Food Don't Be at a Loss for Words.
Beauty and Scientific Information The Skin Disease Weekly.
The Latest in Revisionism Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.
Expert's Tips on Technique For Puking Alcohol.
Of All the Kinds of People on the Net These Kind Are all a Quart Low.
Argued: the Pros and Cons of American vs. Foreign Girls.
Better Than Any Tabloid, and The Fortean Times is True.
A Screen to Show Your Boss So He Won't Know You're Surfing.
"Postal" Is More than an Adjective It is a Creed, Too.
Combining Sex With Food Helper Penis Pasta.
Heretofore Undisclosed Uses For the Ex-Wife.
Now Making Cyber Housecalls The Tooth Fairy.
Tips on Technique To the Gentle Art of Stalking.
Yet Another Spin The Gentle Art of "Stocking."

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