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"Black Lives Matter" Is Obama's Secret, Private Army.
People Died, Hitlery Lied.
Biggest National Security Problem? It's Obamarx.
Hitlery Rotten's Punishment Will Be Her Failure.
Donate to the UCC Shooting Victim / Hero.
Obama Started This War On Police.
Hitlery Rotten's Ongoing Pattern of Dishonesty.
Hitlery Rotten For Prison.
Full Cover-Up Mode: Hitlery's Email Scandal.
RedBlack Muslim Farrakhan: "White People Deserve to Die."
Black Lives Matter Like the RedBlack Panthers.
Joe the Bumbler's Plagiarism Problem.
Behind the Scenes at Hitlery's Campaign HQ.
"Under Penalty of Perjury" Hitlery's Email Scandal.
Hanoi John: You're a Hypocrite!
Could Hitlery's Damning Emails End Her Candidacy?
Hitlery Rotten's Incredibly Stupid Tax Increase.
Obamacare Is Getting Progressively Less "Affordable."
Hitlery Rotten's State Department Completely Incompetent.
The Truth About Mass Murdering Commie Bastard Castro.
Valerie Jarrett and Her Hardcore Communist Background.
Allan Keyes on The Confederate Flag.
Andrew Klavan: Why Are Conservatives So Mean?
"Political Correctness" vs. Free Speech in Colleges.
Is "Progressive" Really Regressive And Outright Communist?
Hitlery Rotten's Culture Of Corruption Continues.
The Chickens Come Home To Roost in Baltimore.
Despite Libtarded "Coexistence" Islamofascism Marches On.
Hitlery Rotten's Cover-Up Team.
Federal Felon Slick Willie The Impeached Draft Dodger.
Obamarx Proves He's the Neville Chamberlain of Century 21.
Obama's Law Prof Helps Make Case Against EPA Regs.
Obamarx's Iran Deal's Like Matches to a Pyromaniac.
Hilarious Parody of Hitlery Rotten's "Transparency".
Vaccine Tyrants Want to Override Parenting Rights.
To a Clinton "Transparency" Means Getting Caught.
Seven Reasons Net "Neutrality" Is a Threat Freedom.
Were Obamarx's "Crusade" Comments Responsible for Latest Beheadings?
Ozzy Osbourne Must Pay $27k to Rid House of Bats.
The Obamanation Plans To Ass-Rape the Internet.
The Islamofascist Video Proving You Can't "COEXIST".
Eight Reasons to Like "Kingsman: The Secret Service."
Obamacare to Cost Government $50,000 Per Person.
Levin to State Legislators Take Your Power Back.
Federal Fascists Want To Control Internet Speech.
"Ferguson Is Everywhere" REVolutionary COMmunist party.
Obamarx's Horrible Endorsement Of an Islamofascist.
The True Beauty of The Women's Movement.
Fascist Censorship Try by The Party of Karl Marx.
Woman Breastfeeding A Puppy.
Obamacare's Passage Depended On "The Stupidity of Voters".
UAE Banned CAIR As a Terrorist Organization.
Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear - Old TV Themes.
Obamarx: Order Only Comes From Surrender to Sovereign.
Author Admits Common Core Is Racism in "Reverse".
Ann Coulter on The College Rape Club.
Muslim Reporter in Ferguson A Convicted Child Molester.
William G Lillas On the People in Ferguson.
Everybody Is Sneakin' Into the USA.
Obamarx UnConstitutionally Dictated New Laws in His Amnesty.
Feminoids Demand Censorship Of Princess Leia Video.
Comedian's Undercover Survey Of Real Catcall Reactions.
"Net Neutrality" Plan Is Obamacare for the Internet.
What Do Dictators Do? They Dictate.
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Run away from Obamarx.
Obama's Real War on Real Women.
Eric the WithHolder Dodged the Impeachment Bullet.
Once Again, Facts Don't Agree With Racists' Lies.
Could You Be Fired For Refusing a Flu Shot?
The Book of Mormon Missionary Positions.
Obamarx Makes Nixon Look Like a Boy Scout.
Designer of Obamacare Sounds Like a Nazi.
Guys vs Chicks Dialogue.
Obamarx, WithHolder, and Sharpton Thwart Objective Inquiry.
Eric WithHolder Is Incapable Of Racial Neutrality in Ferguson.
Question: Help Create Motto for Malaysian Airlines.
All Men Need to Know About the Hot/Crazy Matrix.
E-CIA Employee Admits Obamarx Is an Islamofascist.
Do Things Really Go Better With Coke?
MoveOn.treason Coexist With THIS.
Libtards Against Liberty.
Do You Really Think You're Too Stupid to Vote on GMO?
What Jefferson (Not Obamarx) Said About Religious Tolerance.
If They Find It They Will Play With It.
US Islamofascist...Behead Both Obamarx and Michelle.
"Gun-Free" Zones Are Invitation to Mass Murder.
Practice of Islamofascism Female Genital Mutilation.
Your Leftist Weeping Doesn't Erase My Civil Rights.
Traitor Bergdahl Embraced Islamofascism.
Elephant in the Room Bergdahl Goat Rodeo.
Socialized Medicine's Death Panels Are Already Here.
Why We REALLY Should Memorialize This Day.
Greatest Threat to America By Dennis Prager.
Specifically Focused Parody Of the Shake Weight.
Obamarx Just Makes This Obamacare Stuff Up.
Decal For Back Window Of Welfare Recipients' Car.
ObamarxCare "Doomed" Under Constitution's Origination Clause.
So, Obamarx, Where's My $2500 Savings?
The Illinois Experience More Guns, Less Crime.
Putin Reveals His Important Conquest's Motive.
"Call Me Senator" Barbara Boxer of California.

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