Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Milton Friedman on Socialized Medicine.
Jaylen Is Jackin' Off to Facebook.
Hitler Finds Out Obama Ate His Dog.
Say, Bro Who's Your Hoochie Mama?
Cheer Up. Things Could Get Worse.
What Do Zombies Eat? Brains! MORE Brains!.
Seals Did Their Duty Now It's Up to Us.
21 Crimes of the Obamanation By 9 State Attorneys General.
Abuses Are Extensions of Extreme Leftism.
Girl Gets Revenge Via Whiteboard.
The Obamanation's Senior Swindle.
Her Ex Is Probably Not Going Snowboarding.
If I Wanted America to Fail Obamanation Reelection Campaign.
Good News for Heart Health Staring at Boobs is Good!
See American Presidents In Their Uniforms.
Some Family Photos Are Just Outright Awkward.
Reagan vs Obamanation Economics 101.
How to Get Free X-Ray and Colonoscopy.
Patriotic Art Of Jon McNaughton.
What Do Dictators Do? They Dictate.
We Can All Live by These Pool Rules.
To Spray or Not to Spray, Perchance to Die.
The Pseudo-Emergency of Totalitarian By-Passing Democracy.
The Truth About Idealism's "Everything Is Possible" Shibboleth.
Underwear Built for Two Fundies.
The Obamanation's Illegal "Recess" Appointments.
A Man Who Truly Loves His Dog.
You Cannot Invade A Second Amendment America.
Einstein's Theory on Speed Self-Sex.
How'd You Like Him Refereeing Your Son?
Shark Tattoo - Good Thing It's Not in Her Lower Crack.
The Muslims Discovered America And Other Communo-Revisionisms.
The Obamanation's Hard Left Against the Constitution.
This is a Republic Not a Democracy.
Her Dad Was Pissed He Must Hate Chocolate.
99 Words For Boobs.
Thank You, Obamanation for Your Terminally Arrogant Elitism.
Raising Children 201 The Liquid Diet.
If You're a Marxist and You Know it, Clap...
Like the Tea Party? Massively Criminal "Occupiers" Exposed.
You Have 5 Seconds to ID the Millionaire.
Free Enterprise vs Socialism Why Socialism Doesn't Work.
I Don't Think This Guy Abuses Steroids, Do You?
Is the Tea Party Really Like the "Occupy" Mob of Criminal Fleabaggers?
I Kinda Think This Guy Is Attracted to This Chick.
Potential Terrorist Links to the "Occupy" Chicago Fleabagger Mob.
Yo, Obamanation, What's Up Next?
The Call for More Crimes From the "Occupy" Fleabaggers.
It's Fun! It's Easy! And the Gay Test Really Works!
The Latest, Not So Greatest Model From Government Motors.
At Last! A Mathematical Bumper Sticker That the Rest of Us Can Use!
Hitler Discovers His "Occupy Wall Street" Is a Laughing Stock.
Proper Vantage Point Yields Nice Scenery.
Solyndra + Hypocracy of the Druids = Solyndracracy.
The Dangerous Side-Effect Of Excessive Masturbation.
Bush Talking to Little Kids Obama Talking to Little Kids.
Soviet KGB-Styled Spy Site Against Your Neighbors.
Official Fascist Reaction To Inevitable Results of Above.
Vaughn Monroe Sings My First Favorite Song.
Looks Good. But She Should Jack It Up Higher, Eh?
Why Isn't Canada in Recession? Think It Through, Obamanation.
What Guys Look For What Chicks Look For.
Ray Stevens-Obamanation's Plan Tax, Spend, Borrow, and Print Money.
"Johnny Cashless" Sings the Obamanation Prison Blues.
Nobody's Perfect. All I Ask to Come Home to Is...
Plagiarist Joe's Incredibly Stupid "Own Version of History" Speech.
Man-Made "Global Warming" Is Biggest Hoax in History.
Always On 'Cause You're Always Blonde - BlondeStar.
Great Tips On Proper Gun Safety.
What Have Swedish Girls Done Best Since 1428?
There Are Few Things So Beautiful As True Friendship.
Obamanation - From Teleprompter All the Way to AutoPen.
Thirteen Rejected Candy Heart Valentines.
Lord of the Rings Revision.
How I Met Your Mom True Story.
Einstein vs Hawking Epic Rap Battle.
The Life Saga Of a Powerless Hamster.
The Official Pacecar For Socialized Medicine.
Know What's The Difference?
Seven Disney Movies That Taught Us Terrible Lessons.
Avatar 2 Trailer The Completely Original.
"The Grudge" Was a Movie And Is Now a YouTube Video.
Fear Government Shutdown? First, Do No Harm.
When Speeding Past Police Always Use the Freeway.
Manualist Plays "The Witch Doctor".
How to Stop School Bullying 101.
The Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal "Brokeheart Mountain" Version of Breakup.
The Genuine Benefits Of Bicycling.
They've Changed A Lot Daycare Centers.
Montage Displaying the Skills Of Women Drivers.
Why Does Everybody Want to Save Her From Drowning?
The Not-So Thin Blue Line At Donut Land.
Meet and Converse With Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
How the FDA Approved Neurotoxic Aspartame (1 hr).
How "Toning Down the Rhetoric" Is Actually Practiced by the Left.
See? It's True! Beer Goggles Really Work!

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