Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 15

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Congress Petitions Obamanation To Halt the Revisionism.
Nancy Lugosi Finally Surrenders Gavel of Control.
R Lee Ermey Maps Our Nation's Future.
One Possible Interpretation Of "Go Fuck a Duck."
Sing Along to The 12 Days of Winter.
Positive Proof That Animals Can Protest, Too.
Anus = Exit Only Potatoes and Jelly.
I Can Testify True The Eye Went That-a-Way.
Palin Scoffer and Death Panel Denier Endorsing Death Panels!
How Simultaneously to Frustrate Five Puppies.
The March Towards Marxism in America.
The Offered Algebra Solution Of a Wit Named Peter.
View This and You'll Never Again Complain About Hemorrhoids.
Minnesotans for Global Warming Sing "I'm a Denier."
A Barking Dog? Or a Zombie Apocalypse?
See? Fat Chicks Really Are Improved by Drinking!
The Obamanation Says, "My Work Here Is Done."
Don't Call Me Ma'am Call Me Senator.
It's Not Your Seat, Lisa.
Honest I Really Am Paying Attention.
Eco-Heathen Druids Promote Murder / Repeal of Civilization.
Voting Democrat Has Unintended Consequences.
Jim Gossett Parodies The Obamanation Prison Blues.
The Effect of Water on Nancy Lugosi.
All-Time Very Best School Field Trip, Ever.
Leftwing "Activist" Justice Brennan's Gift of Illegal Alien Entitlement.
They're Easy to Spot Sluts.
The Druid Religion of Eco-Heathenism Disproved.
Marxists BeCalmed! Obama at the Bat.
Why There Are No Queers in Iran.
Three Things You Should Know About Islam.
Join and Reveal Shit My Kids Ruined.
Her Dentist Tells Her To Floss Daily.
Pat Condell Posits No Mosque at Ground Zero.
Sweet, Sweet Revenge Sex Fuck Your Mom.
Obamanation Bumper Sticker Removal Kit.
Smarmy, Pseudo-Intellectual Socialist Cesspool Pete Stark.
R Lee Ermey Offers Marine DI Sympathy.
Joyce Shaffer Sings "Takin' Back Our Country"
Quick! See Before Pulled: "We Con the World"
That's What She Said Headlines.
Ray Stevens on Illegal Aliens.
How the Mexicans Treat Their Illegal Aliens.
The Importance of Being Multi-Skilled.
Simple Guide Map For Illegal Aliens.
What Really Motivates Those Leftwing Amnesty-Granters.
It May Be Wise to Be Nice to Fat People.
Could He Truly Be The Manchurian Candidate?
It Knocks Only Once Opportunity.
The Obamanation File Joel Rogers.
Art Is Beauty Her Name Is Sandy.
Helps You Grow a Pair Testemax.
Examine One Worm From The Can at a Time.
The First Outright Problem With Marrying a Fat Chick.
If You Arrest Them, They Will Leave.
Indisputably the Best Way To Greet Your Husband.
Stare Hard for 30 Seconds Yields Male Optical Illusion.
English As a Second Language For Illegal Aliens.
Why You Should Always Read the Label First.
The Great Reneger "You Lie!"
Laugh at My Penis? It's Three Inches.
Sen. Max Baucus Reveals True Agenda of Socialized Medicine.
One More Thing Keeping Fat Bitches Down.
Karl Rove Debates "Health Care" With Marxist Minion.
Not Everything in Florida Is Flat.
To Be (a Lawyer) Or Not to Be.
Like Cute Things? Cute Things Exploding?
Another Commie Mass Murderer From the Obamanation's Past.
I Hope to God That's Batman.
King of Dominant Leftwing Media Walter Cronkite Revisited.
Father, Daughter, Camera... Parental Responsibility.
7% Believe Elvis Is Alive 6% Believe "Stimulus" Worked.
Never Goes Out of Fashion The Jean Jacket.
Black and White on The Gray Matters 2.
Truth in Labeling Law Meets a Newborn Baby.
Blog Reality and Truth With the Ace of Spades.
Teaching a Hot Chick How to Use IRC.
The "Obama"nation Sings About Secret Health Care.
Is the Name "IPad" Double Entendre?
The Ultimate National Socialist On the Massachusetts Senatorial Election.
There Is None So Blind As He Who Cannot See.
For Immoral Politicians The Moral Hazard.
The Worldwide Timeline Of Human Evolution.
Founder of the Weather Channel On the Global Warming Myth.
Yet One More Reason To Love the Beach.
Hear the Latest Song From the Great Ray Stevens.
Dedicated to All US Military The Warrior Song.
Sorta Resembles Julianne Moore In the Eyes...See Her Eyes?
Nobel Peace Prize (and a "B+"?) Free With Oil Change.
One Always Has to Stand Out... Typical.
You Never Forget Your Very First Crush.
Restroom Therapy For Curing "Shy" Bladder.
Cap and Trade Negotiator.
Take the Dominant Leftwing Media Hypocrisy Test.
What Really Caused The HAL-9000 Incident.
Brothers Which Is Gay?
Unknown Hot Chick and Her Non-Hidden Talent.
Mrs Obamanation Meets Big Bird.
Partnership in Fishing Share...or Else.
John Stossel on Socialized Medicine.

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