Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 14

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

I'm Waiting... For Some Weight Lifting.
Good Parenting Foundation for College.
"The 12 Days of Global Warming" Druid Sing-along.
Graphically Demonstrated Dating In Saudom Arabia.
During Islamofascist War Obamanation Plans to Disarm US.
Starting Off on Right Foot Marriage Can Work.
"Global Warming" Inspires Climate Chains.
Friends With Benefits vs Traditional Relationship.
Jack Webb Schools the Obamanation on Marxist Medicine.
Stephen Lynch Sings The Gerbil Song.
Obamanation Slip-up Compares Socialized Medicine With the Post Office.
So, What's Your Favorite Part of the Turkey?
Canadians Get to Vote On Their Socialized Medicine.
I'm Breathing, They're Dead Justice Dispensed.
My Favorite Movie Review Tio Chano vs "GI Joe."
Results of a PBH Girlfriend Who Just Doesn't Listen.
Anthropogenic Global Warming Of the Eco-Heathen, R.I.P.
There Are Bad Times To Be Sarcastic Online.
Jim Gossett does Obamanation Singing "Cash for Codgers."
Obamanation Refusing to Salute US Flag, As Seen by Casa D'Ice.
Watch This, Chicks and You'll Never Complain Again.
A Mere Soldier Explains The Constitution to Marxists.
Yes, There Really IS True Love at First Sight.
Sign the Petition to Make THEM Live Under Their Own Socialism.
The Very Best Sprite Commercial. Ever.
Millions of Alien Invaders vs 300.
How to Know if You're Shopping in Texas.
A Future History Lesson From Casa D'Ice.
"Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead!"
The Tastiest Big Mac You'll Ever See.
Historic Parallels - Cattle Hoofprint And Carbon Footprint.
Multiple Orgasms For Males!
Watch Him Perform The Keyboard Cat.
How the old Commies View the Obamanation's Marxism.
Good Cop, Naked Cop.
See a Crab From Love Fun Fun.
Good Dog. Don't Get Piss on That Sweater.
The Keyboard Designed Specifically for Blondes.
It's All About Perspective From Love Fun Fun.
Men: Single-Track Minds from Birth.
Top 10 Thoughts for 2008 From Neal Boortz.
How a Blonde Conceals Her French Fries.
(Jim Gossett's) Obamanation Sings "Imagine".
(Jim Gossett's) Obamanation Sings "Kim Jong Il".
Jim Gossett's Impersonation Of Tennessee Ernie Ford.
Not all cRAP Is CRAP.
Look Rearward, Angel FAP from Love Fun Fun.
What Happens When Genius Confronts Marxism.
Sign the Petition NOT To Honor Murderer Murtha.
The Case of The Fatal Blowjob.
Northwest Flight Attendants Go Nuts Over Penises.
Red Hair and Such Talent I Wonder if She's Married.
Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?
A Poor Choice of Tattoo For the Prison-Bound Man.
Seduction There's a Shortcut.
Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay?
From Love Fun Fun Women.
The Communist National Anthem The Obammunist National Anthem.
The Top Rated Rules for Men.
A Special Message from Hussein Obamanation's Teleprompter.
Don't Get Distracted By Massive Tits.
At Cheerleader Auditions Let's Pick This One.
How to Tell if Your Cat's Plotting to Kill You.
Poker From Love Fun Fun.
From the Slang Dictionary Words of Wisdom.
Death From Love Fun Fun.
Skitters, Cat Detective Finding Timmy.
Don't Do Crack From Love Fun Fun.
Please Tell Your Pants It's Not Polite to Point.
Do You Want to Become An Organ Donor?
Love Fun Fun Presents Girls Pants.
The Stages of Development And Allocation of Chest Hair.
Love Fun Fun Presents Sexy?
How a Real Man Fights His Chick's PMS.
The Scientific Case Against The Barbie Urban Legend.
Paging Leonidas To Customer Service.
Never Show Off Before a Fight.
Casa D'Ice On English as Official Language.
Who Said This Obama, Marx, or Stalin?
Max Beer, the Beer With Real Head.
McCain Doesn't Use Email? Obama Doesn't Salute Our Flag!
Husband Teaches Wife Gun Safety 101.
Group Effort and Back Up and Running.
If the Left Had Classic Movies Their Way.
Archeological Proof of The World's First Liberal.
How Nerds Have Wii Sex.
Entry...Definitely Successful Entry.
Mr Methane Makes Farts Sing and Be Visible.
Casa D'Ice on B Hussein Obamanation.
View "300" In Today's Terms.
Black & White on The Grey Matters (War).
The Gerbil Song By Stephen Lynch.
Movie Reviews by Dirty Harry.
Casa D'Ice Sign of Truth.
How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In a Fight?
Boys On Wheels My Balls Are OK.
I'd Classify This One As A Definite "Goodbye" Fuck.
Yes, Cleotius, There Are Drawbacks to Excessive Sagging.
Interesting Pattern Formation Gathering Muslim Women.
Stephen Lynch Presents Special Ed.
When Tazed While Shotgunning a Beer.
The Bad Side-Effects of Eating Fat-Free Pringles.

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