Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 13

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Casa D'Ice Sign On Iraq War.
The Terrorists' Choice for Pres! Hamas Endorses B Hussein Obamation!
Penis Reduction Pills Shipped to You!
Which of These Nations Is Free And Which Suffers Slave Socialism?
Humorous Truths From Casa D'Ice.
Hear Sexy Girls Moan Your IP Address.
Knockoff Titles For Porn Movies.
Why the Geico Gecko Commercials Suddenly Stopped.
How I Ruined My All Neighbor's Holidays for Life.
Want to See an Amish Teenaged Boy Cutting Cookies?
Top 10 "That's What She Said" Moments in Star Wars.
Not AIDS, Not Tribal Warfare, But Walgreens Spin of "Black History Month."
Now You TOO Can Listen To Real Police Voicemail.
Strippers Could Really Learn From This African Pole Dancer.
What Will Happen to YOU If They Elect Hitlery Rotten.
Google's New Insightful Logo.
Stephen Lynch Sings About Special Ed.
Pick the Date When Amy Winehouse Will Die.
Guide to Movies' Frequency Of Use of the Word "Fuck".
Mr Desi's Guide To Dating Various Women.
Ah. The New Joys Of Microsoft Vista.
50 Handy Phrases You Like to Use at Work.
Great Technique for Fucking With Telemarketers.
What Tolkien Offically Said About Elf Sex.
Lest We Ever Forget The Hitlery Nutcracker.
If Ya Gotta Ya Gotta.
All of the Humorous Sci Fi Saturday Survival Tips.
The Geographical Facts Of the Sexes.
Dysfunctional Family Test And Letter Generator.
View and Hear The Cure for Gayness.
Webcomics of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language.
So, Blonde Or Zombie?
Ever Seen a Truly Comfortable Contoured Man's Seat?
Adding New Meaning to The Term "Mad Cow".
When Musical-Addicted Fags Choreograph Their Own Workouts.
The Latest Dating Site For You and Sheep.
Sad to Lose Such a Potentially Necessary Repository.
General George Patton On the Middle East Today.
Top Ten Funny Japanese Condoms.
How to Evaluate The Perfect Girl?
Paris Hilton Really Interviewed by Jay Leno?
This Girl Has More Myspace Friends Than You.
There ARE Advantages to Thick, Insensitive Rubbers.
This Wouldn't Have Happened Had She Been on MY Pole.
Britney Spears Sings About Her Life.
Ron Dee's Unusual Clayworks.
Join In On Korean Tossing.
Military Members Can Vote Against Surrender of War.
There Is More Than One Use for a Microphone.
I'll Never Read a Better Poem Than Sonny and the Tree.
Preserve Forever Loved Ones Lost.
Always Be Cautious With Whom You Flirt.
The Magic of it All Body Language.
The Toupeed and Bloated Church of Shatnerology.
Girl With Nice Idea And Better Results.
She's Got The Right Idea.
Poor Dog. Oh! For Two Opposable Thumbs!
My Favorite TV Series -- Thriller.
Communication Skills Zefrank.
Dump That Cheating S.O.B. And Marry Your Pet.
Wedding Rings into Bullets Goddammo.
We're Fat and We're Proud! Manboobs.
Help Me by Picking My Nosehairs.
Spiders and Drugs Definitely Don't Mix.
Flick My Switch And Turn Me On.
Play With My Switch Let Light Pour Forth.
FreeTantra Tips and Techniques Become a Better Lover.
What You Need To Be Cool in College.
Hey, Saddamy! How's It Hangin'?
Put Some Joy In Your Noel.
Memorial to the Heroes Of United Flight 93.
Promoting Condom Week Possible Slogans.
OJ's New Book Cover "If I Did It."
Wake Up, America!
Help Stop WetBacks Cold in Their Tracks.
How to Deter Your Kids From Trick-Or-Treating.
Female or Shemale Take the Quiz.
How to Do The Asian Squat.
Woody's World of Penis Euphemisms.
Ten Ways Not To Get Dumped.
Five Good Reasons To Dump Her.
Not Just For Kids Block Structure Porn.
Like Furry Animals? Love the Hamster.
Wacky Ways To Lose Weight.
Weight Loss Gadgets For The Lazy and Unmotivated.
Highly Humorous Tees Brown Eye Duds.
100% Real Footage Almost Illegal Videos.
Laugh at Others Pathetic Personals.
Environmentally Insensitive, But Fast Jet Powered Beetle.
Unfortunate to Have a Cat That Looks Like Hitler?
What He Says, What She Hears (Pornographically Speaking).
How to Hunt Deer With A 12lb Mountain Howitzer.
From Craigslist To The People at My Gym.
Anti-Terrorist Frank Sinatra Strangers on My Flight.
Get the Mosquito Ring Tone Unaudible to Adults.
Ten Things to Make You Want to Puke.
Change PC Into Karaoke Machine - Volare.
Great T-Shirts With Great Messages.
Out of This World Realtime UFO Maps.
We Are Making Amateur Porn.

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