Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 12

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Feeling the Urge? Use the Crap Machine.
BrokeDick Mountain... WetBack Mountain.
Ah...the Many Uses For Moist Towelettes.
Jack Shiles Daily Babes, Naked.
Jack Shiles Daily Cartoon Babes, Naked.
Age and Wisdom Will Always Overcome Youth and Inexperience.
Official Site For The Best Word Ever.
Nearness? You Rule Vietnamese Waxer Lady.
If John Wayne Starred In "BrokeDick Mountain".
Pleasurable Working Pasttimes Office Guns.
Multiple Movie Parodies Of BrokeDick Mountain.
Little Puppies Cuddly With Rigor Mortis .
The Best of Violence Hunt With Dick Cheney.
Actually Used in Real Life Job Interview Bloopers.
Where You're What's for Lunch The Zombie Guide .
How to Survive the Robot Uprising.
Measure the Speed of Light With Chocolate and a Microwave.
And an Explosive Welcome To Dangerous Laboratories.
Translate English To Twelve Year-Old.
There Are Wise and There Are Unwise Microwave Experiments.
Don't Just Dress Up - Pimp My Nutcracker .
Chewbacca Sings Silent Night.
For the Chrismas Season Cthulu Carols.
Jumpoff Point to Multiple Cool Links.
"The Battle of New Orleans" 2005 Katrina Style.
More Fun than a Barrel I like Monkeys.
I'm Dreaming of a White Trash Christmas.
Kiss Me Just Below My Mistletoe Belt Buckle.
On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets.
Indulge Your Horror Zombie Infection Simulator.
Don't Touch This On Halloween.
How to Be a Successful Evil Overlord.
Satan's Rejection Dating Tips .
Enjoyable Videos From PonyFool .
His Terms Of Engorgement.
If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry Simply Fired.
Flesh Out Your Resume With The Corporate Gibberish Generator.
Islamofascists Don't Read: How to Destroy Earth.
Generate Dear John Letters With NeedMySpace.
Watch Her Strip But Only to Underwear.
From South Park Makers A Good Laugh.
Terry Tate Reebok Commercials.
Where to Find Professional Contract Killers and Assassins.
Possible Joyous Reasons For a Canceled Flight.
So Good it Hurts! Humor from Clownfrown.
Take the Quiz: Celebrity Or Porn Lookalike ?
Welcome to the Home of The Solar Death Ray.
Destroy All Webpages (But Mine, of Course) .
The Solution to "Fixing" Is Dog Condoms.
Naked Man Ass-Raped by Kangaroo then Hotwaxed.
Sad But True - I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore.
An Important Message From The Ghost of General Patton.
Be the New Pope Become the Pope.
Dead Celebrity Soulmate Search.
Latest on the Pope's So- Called Death.
N A S S A The Old Negro Space Program.
Funny sayings, stickers, T-shirts Vulgar Tees.
Benefit the Planet With Cannibal Flesh Donor Program.
Watch Islamofascists Begin Their True Eternal Reward.
Homeland Security's Latest Valuable Color Warnings PSA on PMS .
Bacon's Meant to be Served By Baconwhores.
When Terrorist Violence Meets VW Toughness.
Fo All You Beotches Who Wanna Find Shiznit.
"The Shining" in 30 Seconds With Bunnies.
More We'd Like to See Barbie Dolls.
Interplanetary Beings With Tentacles Radio Shack Attacks!
One Eyed Bob's Inappropriate Toys for "Mischievious" (Deserving) Children.
Landover Baptist Store's Special Purpose Thongs.
Choose Your Poison At Little Midgets .
Visit Evil Dave And "Dirty Sanchez" Britney.
Holiday Sing-a-Long The 12 ST(D)s of Christmas.
Drunken Embarassment Olympics Internet Shamings.
Get Big! - Penis Advancement via Nature.
Fun for Nerds The TCP/IP Drinking Game.
Canonical Variations List of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Ah! The Scientific Joys Of Sexual Physics.
Seven Deadly Sins Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Hints Heloise's Teenage Son Bang Just About Any Household Object.
Priceless Mastercard Moment Drunk Dates at Prom.
Secrets Revealed Sniper Hand Signals.
Collect Them All Funny Videos.
For Beer Lovers: So Close But So Far.
What Would it Be Like A Day Without a Mexican?
I See the Bad Moon Arisin'.
Fuck Your Retarded Friends With Lightning Reaction.
The Companionship Joys of Always Having an Eating Partner.
Ah the Wit! Ah the Wisdom! The Writings on the Stall.
Now You May Enjoy Brad, the Game.
Just in Time for Halloween The Whacko Jacko Mask.
(With Internet Explorer) Enjoy Wife School .
(With Internet Explorer) Enjoy Lady Sitters .
English Kittens Eating Fish and Singing.
Because Yeast Is Cheaper Than Viagra...Porn Bread.
Which Horrible Affliction Are You ?
The Kama Sutra Scout Walker Style.
Mothers Insisting on Licensed Tools.
Special NRA Awards For Sens. Kennedy and Feinstein.
The Close Team of Kerry and Edwards.
Test Yourself...Which Movie Villan Are You?

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