Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 10

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

New Definition of "Piece" From Masturbakers.
Speaking of Sex and Food Count the Calories.
Scream Out Sexually But With Victorian Restraint.
Gifts That Keep on Giving The 12 STDs of Christmas.
Online Source for Wiggers Wiggaz.com.
Worse Than Slasher Sheep The Lethal Llama.
Celebrity Boobs Guess Whose?
Celebrities Without Purpose No More Affleck.
The Funny Ha Ha And the Funny Peculiar.
Your Source for Activism Against Dangerous Weapons.
The Carlos Work Nickname Generator.
So Many Songs Improve With Cowbells.
Hey, Colin! What Time Is It?.
Test Your Tits At Mammonet, the Internet Mammogram.
Welcome to Prison. Here's Your New Name, Bitch.
Join the Crusade To Save Karyn's Complexion.
Online Auction Museum Of Weird and Zany Sales.
Buy, Earn Points With Her Maybe You Will "Score."
There Should Be a Law Against Molesting Cars.
Revealing the True Ferocity Of Mean Felines.
You Have Permisson To Drive Him Insane.
The Power of Self-Love Masturbate to End War.
Enjoy Horror Locations With an Open Container.
Can't Ask Dear Abby? Then Ask Lucifer.
There's No Death Match Like A Lego Death Match.
Helpless Sex Victims Molesting Statues.
Oh, How Horrible Is a Redneck Neighbor.
All In One Place All Murphy's Laws.
Invaluable Insight for Her Predict His Penis Size.
Browse the Collection of Truly Priceless Pictures.
Evil Uses for Yarn Sickening Seventies Sweaters.
Help Brian Lose It And Buy a Hooker.
You Think It They Say It.
So, In Which States Are These Twins Legal?
No. It's True. Some Babies Are Born Butt Ugly.
I See the Bad Moon Arisin' From Amtrak.
Don Judicial Robes And Rate Her Boobies.
The Ecstacy and the Agony Krispy Kreme Calendar.
Unintentionally Hysterically Funny Janet Reno Is Hot.
The Cat's in the Kettle When You Eat Chinese.
Visit Happy Dingo And Play Booze Hound.
Tell Her Outright You Can't Drive.
Share Your Disgust For Combovers.
Join the Fun Name That Porno.
Pets or Food Pet Food.
Ideal for Anorexics Adopt an Eating Dog.
Great Modern Parenting Is Raising Hell.
See How They Really Spend Their Spare Time at Harvard.
Cooking Philosophically With Jean-Paul Sartre.
Make Your Own Fake Degrees ID, or Whatever.
Which Dead '60's Rock Star Are You?
Evaluate Yourself Are You a Ho?
Lexicon for the Creative Vulgarian.
When Home Sweet Home Is a Streetmattress.
Great Clean Fun Tourette Syndrome Simulator.
Singalong To Gonads and Strife.
Uncouth, Ill-Mannered, Discourteous Allrude.
Some Great Celebrity Suggestions For Your Answerting Machine.
Test Your Knowledge What Badgers Eat.
XXX Watch Her as She Cooks His Sock.
Via the Wonders of Flash Police Sketch Artistry.
True Car Lovers Ponder Sex With Cars.
Sign the Petition for Bill Gates To Buy the Rainforests.
The Hostess With the Mostess Diana's English Exhibitionists.
Faster Than Cliff's A Book a Minute.
Harmonic Discord Miserable Melodies.
Stop Oppresive Gardening Free the Gnomes.
Featuring Scorpion Suicide And Varmint Eradication.
It's the Age Old Question Man vs. Mayo.
New Treatment - Quirky Computers Cyber Exorcism.
The New Olympic Sport Of Cheese Racing.
Ahhhhhh... The Power of Spoons.
Combining Extreme Sport With Satisfaction of a Well-Pressed Shirt.
New Live WebCam Thrill Self-Amputation of Legs.
Frieda and Guido's Interactive Underwear.
Boatload of Love Cap'n Wacky's.
Beauty Thinly Veiled The Camel Toe Report.
Deserving Capital Punishment My Crazy Granny.
Inadvertently Funny Wedding Announcements.
I Know This Hurts, But My Cat Hates You.
Build For Your Kids Educational Lego Porn.
The Lair of the Crab Of Ineffable Wisdom.
Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers The Movie!
The Fellah Whose Big Toe Could Predict Earthquakes.
Homeless Are Humorous Bumhunt.com.
Join the Anti-Hippie Action League.
The Evil Sister Sledge Are Living in My Garden...Honest.
Six Years Until She's Legal Then Very, Very Popular.
The Latest "For Dummies" Cleaning the Fucking Kitchen.
Come Mr. Taliban Turn Over bin Laden.
Funnest Hide and Seek Ever Find the G-Spot.
101 Fun Testicle Facts And Recipes.
Those Rotten Aliens Abducted My Panties.
Get Your Pimp Gear Here Pimphats.com
So, Just Who Wants To Be a Pornstar?
Those Who Can't Go Over There Can Off Osama From Right Here.
The Illustrated Book Of World Sexual Records.
The Thirteen Point Personal Injury Warning System.
Ancient Art of Genital Origami Puppetry of the Penis.
Tell me... am I A camslut, or not?

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