Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 1

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Uncovering Urban Opportunities For the Would-Be Sportsman.
One Thing Edison Never Tried Pickles as a Light Source.
Not Just Creative But Edible, Too.
Just Forget the Flowers Tell Her With Handcuffs.
Try to Imagine if Dr. Seuss Had Been a Technical Writer.
In Black-and-White at Last! Her Rules for a Happy Marriage.
On the News And Now On the Net Meet the Unabomber.
Relieve Stress More Directly With Anatomically Correct Voodoo Dolls.
Who Ya Gonna Call? Paranormal Detective Agency.
Netscape's Latest Plug-In Lemon Scented Surf-and-Sniff.
The Hardboiled Detective's Search For the Lost Elvis Diaries.
Try to See Things My Way Or, How a Fly Sees Soup.
Join the Anti-Extinction Crowd Preserve Endangered Feces.
Contemplate Your Navel Awhile And You, Too, Will Collect Some. . .
Responsibility and Sensitivity While Shooting Home Appliances.
Higher Education Expands the Mind Boy, and How !
When Genetics and Engineering Meet You Get Practical Life Forms.
It Didn't Work for the Road Runner And It Won't Work for You, Either.
Bad Judgement in the Marriage Bad Judgement in What to Wear.
Combat Tragic Glue Production At the Horse Aid Site.
How Kurt Cobain Practiced His Last Smashing of Pumpkins.
SF, Gore, and Naked Babes From Troma Studios.
If Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness Flossed Teeth Are Saintly.
The Lonely Man Sheepishly Said "I Love Ewe."
Prank Your Favorite College Kid E-Mail Him a Corporate Rejection.
Come Visit the Web Wench With An Attitude.
A Cool Ghoul Seeks the Famous Well, Their Graves, Anyway.
She Just Loves You to Page Her Uncover Her Fetish.
Within the Comfort of Your Own Home Check In to the Mental Ward.
Bill Gates and Don McLean The Insidious Conspiracy Revealed.
You May Not Be a Drug Dealer But at Least You Can Talk Like One.
Yes, It's Deja Vu All Over Again At the Movies.
If You Still Have Any Self-Doubts This Asshole Test May Help You Decide.
You Clean Your Monitor's Outside He Cleans Its Inside and Your Wallet.
Good Citizens Save Tax Money By Arresting Themselves.
Next Time You Find a Corpse Figure Out the Time of Death.
Although Clinton Signed Up Here You Definitely Shouldn't.
Kids -- Try This at Home How to Build an Atomic Bomb.
Her Rings on Fingers, Bells on Toes And the Meanings Thereof.
Finishing Schools All Need a "Before" This Man Is The Finest Example.
Assistance for the Poorly Endowed The Enhanced Penetration Pillow.
Gauge for Yourself the Success Of Teaching History to Students.
It's More Fun for Guys than for Girls The All-Important Breast Examination.
When On a Date You May Now Make Snap Judgements.
Indispensable for Men Is the Female Speech-to-Thought Translator.
Another Too Typical Catch 22 And the History of Handshaking.
Assistance for the Tongue-Tied Send Love Letters via Cyrano.
Friends, Romans, Countrymen Sell Me Your Ears.
Subtract the Mud and Add Clothes But a Good Catfight Is Still Fun.
Some Ads Are Funny Some That Didn't Make it Are Funnier.
If She's Attracted to Cucumbers Don't Let Her Surf this Site.
Lots of People Don't Like AOL.
Some People Don't Like Bill Gates.
Excellent Insight Into Males vs. Females.
For Men Who Are Suave, Debonair, And Can't Decide What to Wear.
Helpful Tips on How To Survive Starring in a Horror Movie.
Now You Can Compute and Vacation Simultaneously Via Astral Projection.
Anything But Wisdom Comes Out of the Mouths of Babes.
Won't Show Your Body in Public? Get a Better One for Display.
Really Bad Movies Are Fun They Become Cult Classics.
If Your Face Could Stop a Clock Flatter Yourself With Comparisons.
Tales of the Bizarre from The World of the Bizarre.
So, He Was a Transvestite Not All His Movies Were Abominable.
Everyone Could Use a Prescription For the Ultimate Recreational Drug.
The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug See Some Really Good Bugs.
We All Know of the Fish Cam But What About the Piranha Cam?
Most WebCams Catch Reality Only One Catches Ghosts.
Murphy's Laws Hold True Even With Sex.
If You Cause Him to Lose Limbs Don't Worry - He's Already Dead.
Indecisive/Confused? Consult The Universal Problem Solver.
Quick! Shut the Door to that Closet! It's Full of Fat, Hideous Dikes.
Romance Novels Are Laughable? Wait Until You Read Ferri Tales.
Who Says Death Can't Be Funny? The Afterlife of Bob Comic Strip.
Masochists Find Mirth at The Worst of the Web.
Ode to Life in the Fast Lane And the Abrupt End Thereof.
Whale Watchers Won't Like Dynamiting a Dead Whale.
Dear Abby too Tame/Lame? Grandma Death Advises.
The Male Alternative is The Bad Answer Man.
Or, Animal Lovers May Consult the Naked Dancing Llama.
Scientists and Sadists Like to Dissect Frogs on the Internet.
Pay Your Respects at the Virtual Pet Cemetery.
For Strong Stomachs Only: The Captain Kirk Singalong Page.
Real Life Suggestions for Filling Out an Accident Report.
Men Can Practice Marksmanship On Virtual Sperm Target.
Various Interpretations of Why The Chicken Crossed the Road.
Something to Do While Thinking The Booger Page.
Desperate for an Excuse? Your Evil Little Brother Can Help.
Laugh at Corporate Expense at Parody of Advertising.
Try the New No-Calorie Fortune Cookie.
And Now There Are Even No-Calorie Omlettes.
Weird Stories by Weird Story Teller.
Those Who Like Macabre: The Horror Page.
No Heartbreak of Psoriasis? How About the Plague of Zits?
If Your Zitcream Fails You Russian Virtual Roulette Won't.
What if Nietzsche Were a Clerk in a 7-11?

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