Useful Vol.1


All Things Great and Wonderful About HP Palmtops.
Breakup Monotony at the Office With Some Rubber Band Guns.
When Your Computer Ails Contact Dr. PC.
Academic and Intellectual Freedom Are Under Assault.
Prepare for Next Halloween Buy a Corpse Now.
New E-Zine Win 95 Magazine.
Accumulate Travel Miles With Webflyer.
You Have an Unreadable Document Determine What Language It's In.
Cards for Those Occasions Which Hallmark Doesn't Cover.
Use Your Keyboard To Register to Vote.
Biorhythms on the Net Are Web-o-Rhythms.
Got Nothing Else Going for You? Then Try Pheromones.
Surf Twoey's More Comfortably With SuperHighway Sunglasses.
Best Software Source Egghead Discount Software.
Get Cool Stuff, Cheap Government Surplus.
Whence Came that Phone Call? The Area Coder/Decoder.
In Planning a Trip Use The Inter-City Distance Calculator.
How to Obtain Access to Banned or Censored Newsgroups.
College Students Can Save On Used Textbooks Nationwide.
Combat Fraud On the Net and Elsewhere.
All Information Automotive In One Spot.
Also Automotive Virtual Test-Drive a Car.
For Your Information Hire Your Own Detective.
No More Unix "Whois" Commands Web-Research Domain Names.
Cyber-Shop for Stereo At Crutchfield's.
Online With No ISP Satellite Internet for the Rural.
Best Place to Seek Books Powell's.
Best Web Browser Netscape.
Best Mail/News Reader/Decoder Free Agent (Windows).
Best HTML Editor HotDog (Windows).
Pave Your Way Into College By Practicing the SAT Test.
To Graduate From an Online Service To a Real ISP, Seek Here.
For Adding Color to Your Page There's the RGB Color Chart.
Research Any Topic With Encyclopedia Britannica.
In a Hurry to Send an SOS? This Translator Could Save Your Life.
If You Have Terrible Handwriting Send E-Mail to Politicians/Media.
Neat Bumper Stickers, Etc. Via the Web.
Now It's Possible to Use the Net To Translate Various Dialects.
Pat Yourself on the Back Automatically Via the Net.
Desparately Seeking Your Lost Pet Sherlock Bones to the Rescue.
Wouldn't a Permanent Net Address Be a Nice Thing to Have?
Suffering From an Open Wound? Use Low Cost/Low Tech Cure.
To Illustrate Your Web Page You Can Auto-Transparentize .GIFs.
Or You Can Auto-Generate Page Forms.
Available 24 Hours per Day Radio Internet.
If You Need Help Finding Updates Use the Web Itself to Help.
Neglect Your Girl for Your Computer? Make it up to Her Via Computer.
For Those Recurring Nightmares There Is Dream Interpretation.
Direct, Self-Registration For Your Own Domain Name.
Have No Access to a Breathalyzer? Take the Cyber Field Sobriety Test.
Great Tips for Keeping People From Asking How You Are.
You May Have Won Millions But Only if You Bought a Ticket.
When Songs Haunt You Name That Tune.
Conversely, You May Look Up Lyrics to Songs.
When Love Isn't True Dear John Via the Internet.
If You Like Shareware Use the Internet Library Locater.
Favorite Web Search Engine.
Finger Strings Cause Gangrene E-Mail Reminders Instead.
Via the Internet You Can Send a Fax.
You Can Even Send a Postcard.
Prognosticate Your Current Weather.
Fly the Friendly Skies With Your Self-Arranged Ticket.
There's No Standing in Line For Tickets in Cyberspace.
Free Worldwide Long Distance With Internet Phone.
Stanford-Binet Test Your Oen IQ.
Wechsler Test Your Oen IQ.
Here's Another One Here in the US.
Favorite Primary Index Location.
Much of Civilization is Based on Greek Mythology.
Prefer E-Mail Source Privacy? Anonymous Remailer in Finland.
Learn About E-Mail Privacy Just the FAQs, Ma'am.
Handy Mailing Helper: Zip Code Database.
Expand Your Vocabulary with Webster's Hypertext.
Don't Already Speak Spanish? Auto-Spanish is Available.
Keep Up to Date with Latest News.
Alternatively There's the CNN Headlines.
U. S. Naval Observatory Exact Time of Day.
Or Check the Web For Spidered Time.
If You Are Becoming too Rigid Practice Your Flexibility.
Fight for Your Freedom Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Search the URL World Virtual Tourist Map.
One Location Has Combined Search Engines.
Find Them With the Internet White Pages.
Alternatively, One May Finger People on the Net.
Then There's the Open Text Web Search.
A New and "Exciting" Web Search Machine.
A Great Source For Windows Shareware.
And Yet Another For Windows Shareware.
Lots of Great Info For Windows 95.
How to Get Internet to Work With Windows 95.
Unscramble Almost Any Acronym.
Can't Attribute a Quotation? Look it up in Bartlett's.
Build Your Vocabulary One Word Each Day.
Practice Safe Computing With McAfee's Latest Antivirus.
Visit Too Much at Twoey's Links? You May Need Professional Help.

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