Feed My Giant Rat

Picture of Nice Guy Feeding a Giant Rat

Tired of seeing photos of average-looking people on the net? Well, here's something different. This is a picture of me feeding my pet nutria, Toro. A nutria is a strictly herbivorous water rodent that looks much like a beaver and grows to be over three and one-half feet long, counting its tail. Toro and his cousin Snapper were both named after lawnmowers, because that is what they did for hours on end - mow my lawn. As you can see, they also like to eat bread.

Unflattering factoid: This page with the photo of Toro usually receives more hits than the page with my own photo on it. Not only that, but some people have even commented that Toro is cuter than I am.

If you wish to, you may verify this for yourself.

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