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Weekly on the Web A New Poll.
Words of Wisdom from Goathair Why cRAP Sucks.
Read the Declassified Secrets Of the National Security Archive.
Have You Memorized Lyrics? Take the Lyrical Challenge.
Creativity Meets Computers In Clifford Pickover.
Creativity Meets Pain In the Marquis de Sade.
Links and Extensive Resources At the Zoan.
Learn About the Birds and Bees On a Larger, Graphic Scale.
All Things Great and Ghostly In Haunted America.
Courage and Chivalry in WWI In the Skies Over Europe.
The Titanic Never Made New York But Now it Made the Web.
You've Heard James Earl Jones Now Make Him Speak.
Among Aptly Named Car Clubs The Grim Rides Hearse Club.
Big, Plain, Non-Descript Stores Carried to the Logical Conclusion.
Your Inner Secrets Revealed Publicly in Your Handwriting.
These Girls Are Obviously Capable Of Cheering You Up.
Submit Your Page for Censoring To the Auto-Exonizer.
Who Says You Can't Take It Around With You?
The One and Only Place Men Like to Window Shop.
He's Like Horatio Alger And His Journal's On the Net.
The World Can Learn From History Or, It Can Learn From Baywatch.
Oracles Without Crystal "Balls" Ask a Topless Dancer.
And, Speaking of Breasts Learn How to Breastfeed.
Just What Are The Net's Coolest Domain Names?
Right On Your Own Monitor You May Tour Stonehenge.
Even Spielberg Started Somewhere See Another Moviemaker's Ground Floor.
If Henpecking Symbolizes Marriage Then This Is a Wedding Chapel.
Rorschach Made it to the Web Take the Inkblot Test.
Unveiled for the Very First Time The Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred.
No Longer Use a Soapbox Sound Off on the Web.
Lots of Links, Updated Daily Kymm the Eskimo.
Interesting Advice/Testing Primarily for Females.
Visit Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.
When All Those URLs on the Net Meet Inside the Information Supercollider.
More to Fear Than Fear Itself Entire List of Phobias.
Type a Few Words of Input The Net Will Guide Your Studies.
Beautiful Design and Attitude But Don't Make Pinky's Shitlist.
Earn a Degree on the Net at The College of Perpendicular Logic.
How Fascists Literally Want You to See the Internet.
Workout Long Family Conflicts With Oedipal Resolution.
On the Internet No One Can Hear You Sing.
Keep Watching the Skies! Chicken Little Had it Right.
Honestly, This is Its Real Name: Holy Titclamps Magazine.
At Long Last Ends the Search For a Natural Aphrodisiac.
Scope Babes and Get Ripped At Gold's Internet.
"Don't Click Here" Means You Have Fair Warning.
To Test Your Hipness Take the Pop Culture Quiz.
End the Debate Over What Were The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
A Smooth Internet Gaming Site The Adrenaline Vault.
Nowadays Keep Your Fingernails Clean When You Find Fossils on the Net.
Deliberate for Yourself the Evidence Because the OJ Jury Surely Didn't.
Now it Costs Less Than Peanuts To Go to the Zoo.
More Likely Than a Centerfold These Guys Always Get Their Man.
Does Your Web Page Look Bad? Compare It With the Ugliest.
Best Computer/Web Magazine Boardwatch.
See More High-Tech Weapons Than in Any Arnold Movie.
If You Like Playing Mind Games Here Is Your Destination.
"Take it Off. Take it All Off." Said I, at the Bikini Contest.
View or Operate A Model Train.
Or, for the Mechanically Inclined Operate a Robotic Arm.
Feeling Lonely? Cheer Up - Things Could Be Worse.
In Heaven, They Give You a Harp In Hell, They Give You an. . .
Can't Affort to Buy a Telescope? Use a Scientist's for Free.
Check the Web Before You Get Up. If Your Name's Here - You Don't Have to.
Not as Affectionate as My Giant Rat But a More Famous Movie Star.
What Your Favorite Color Means With Your Sex Life.
Murder, Rape, Robbery, Burglary Find Out What Your Chances Are.
Slick Willie Could Have Draft-Dodged By Becoming an Ordained Minister.
You Can Take or Make Your Own Survey.
"Before" Fake Hair: Bald. "After" Adds A Babe and a New Puppy.
If You're a Dictator or a Sitcom Star This Site Will Identify You Correctly.
Can't See the Moon's Phase? Discern it Via the Net.
Pray the High-Tech Way For Only $9.95 per Page.
Great Advice Is Always Timeless: How to Be a Good Wife.
"Trust Me . . . I Know What I'm Doing."
Sworn Testimony Can Be Hilarious Courtroom Bloopers.
There Is Nothing Horrible About Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
You Don't Want to Meet These People But the FBI Sure Does.
Out of the Blue of the Western Sky Comes Sky King.
Prevent Broken Legs Sky Dive Virtually.
Meet the Rich and Famous Who's Who on the Internet.
Tickle Your Funny Bone at The Dilbert Zone.
"What's Up, Doc?" And Other Cartoon Favorites.
Are You Ever Fascinated by Signature Blocks in E-Mail?
Ever Want to Read Your Name in Hieroglyphics?
Or, You Can Play URoulette.
You Can Even Auto-Pilot Surf the Web!
My Very Favorite Starting Point to Surf the Web.
Ever Want a Truthful Caption? Make Your Own.
Flex Your Strategic Muscles Play Chess Against the Computer.
Views of My Hometown of Portland, Oregon.
Type Some Input Hear as Output.
Or, You Can Make a Shape And Hear it as Sound.
Psychoanalyze Yourself at VALS by SRI.
Or Psychoanalyze Yourself at Keirsey (Jungian).
Critique Movies at the Movie Website.
Each Day You May Vote on List of Favorites.
Binoculars Are Now Outmoded Cyber-Watch Birds.
We All Get to Kick the Bucket Find Out When You Will.
What Happened on This Date In the Movies.
Measure Your Babe Intimacy Daily Babe Test.

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