Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. 3

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Food that Helps Fight Crime The Shrine to Donuts.
Just Flesh-In the Dialogue To Proven Movie Clichés.
A Reference Table for Swearing in Every Language.
Living With the Dead In Tigger's Haunted Apartment.
The Macarena for Meat Eaters McDonald's Deluxe Line Dance.
Alas, Sometimes a Blowjob Is Just a Job.
Obviously the Ultimate Wisdom Comes from Mr. T.
The Latest in Pyramid Schemes Is for the Male's Member.
View These Before Lunch Visualizations at Rotten.com.
For He Who Has Everything The Malady of the Month.
Symbol of Freedom...Bald Eagle Symbol of Good Taste...Pink Flamingo.
What Men Know About Women Exhaustive and On the Net.
Charity Comes to the Web The Skid Row Site.
Don't Laugh. You Need Your Nostrils to Breathe.
Eat Your Vegetables Before They Eat You.
For Furry, Loveable Advice Consult the Weasel.
Sesame Street is Not All Pablum Particularly When it Comes to Bert.
How I Will Die And How I'll Be Remembered.
MTV and its Dedicated Hate Page.
Goats Don't Just Look Evil They Are Evil.
The Griffin Factor, Or Why Losers Always Win.
Rorschach's Inkblot Butterfly Is Really Just a Split-Open Dog's Head.
"I Come to Bury the Dead" On the Internet.
Every Wonder What Young People Most Like to Chat About?
Post Purchase & Realistically Prepped Dismember Me Elmo.
No Murdered Metaphors But Lots of Strangled Similes.
July Fourth Not Withstanding The Aliens Are Already Here.
Trust Me. Just Go Read Walter Miller's Biography.
Anyone Can Collect Stamps, But There Are Other Lickable Throwaways.
Find T-Bones to T-Rex Bones Excavate Your Own Backyard.
Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Relived in Pulp Magazines.
David Duchovny's #1 Fan By Simple Process of Elimination.
Class Is Not the Most Discreet Place to Spank Your Monkey.
The Misuse Was Inevitable Blackmail Arrives on the Net.
The Handy and Indispensable Manly Man Manual.
An Alumni Association For College Dropouts.
When Extremely Drunk You May Read the Lyrics to "99 Bottles."
The Most Oppressed Minority Now Fights for Liberation.
Darwin's Fittest Always Survive What Happens to the Unfit?
The Cloud's Silver Lining Why Ebola Is Cool.
Correctly Guessing Their Sex May Be an Important Skill.
Go Public and Join The World Nap Organization.
What if Computer Geeks Became Songsters and Poets?
Fetish of a Different Color This One Cast in Concrete.
Read the Secret Diary Of Bill Gates.
Speaking of Mike Rosoff His Latest Network.
Hopefully You Won't Use These Tips to Drive Like a Moron.
Hopefully Your Parents Won't Use Any of These Names for You.
The Pizza Boy Delivers Food And Takes Away an Education.
The New Y-Files Cases Even Scully and Mulder Couldn't Solve.
Considering an Alfa Romeo? Check a Track Record First.
The Burgeoning Clock Of Firearm Self-Defense.
The Mormon Instructions On How to Avoid Masturbation.
Skip Multiculturalism Completely And Go to Multifunctionalism.
Perpetually Maligned by Hollywood Virtual Conference on Mad Science.
Real Quotes, Real Stupid I Can't Believe They Said That.
It Boils Down to Overpopulation Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.
Recovered at Long Last The Lyrics to "Rubber Ducky."
Help Via the Net With The Automatic Complaint Generator.
Before the National Debt Help Steve First.
Society for Prevention of Parents From Naming Their Children Jennifer.
Lurking Ominously to Our North The Evil Empire Known as Canada.
Hillary Clinton and J. Edgar Hoover Both Bought Their Clothing Here.
Crime Fighting Goes Organic The Legend of Johnny Shitpants.
A Groundswell of Opposition "Why I Hate Frames" Club.
The Buffoonery of Farrakhan On Who Offed the Sphynx's Nose.
A Redhead's Rather Depressing "Why I Hate Men."
Misadventure Kit for the Kid With Everything But Common Sense.
Positive Use for Those AOL Disks Recycled As High Art.
From the Oral Majority Their Past Columns.
Newest Useful Extension to HTML MInd Reading Markup Language.
Photographs of Actual Signs of Texas.
The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul A Great Collection of Works.
The Convenience of Canning Now Extends to College.
Make Your Computer Write Like a Mass Murderer.
Looks Caught on Camera Candid Reactions to Backfires.
Why Asian Women Should Date Asian Men.
Good News/Bad News In The Later Stages of Dating.
Poetry for the Untalented Poet Submit Your Own Doggerel.
Or, For the Haiku Lover The Bad Haiku Library.
Save Psychic Telephone Fees At the Psycho Friends NETwork.
"Heartless Bitches Int'l" for Women Tired of Weakling Male Jerks.
From the Male Perspective Ex-Girlfriend Horror Stories.
Test Your Trivia Knowledge Of Bizarre Historical Facts.
A Matter of Outrage Over the Evil Implications of Breakfast Cereal Ads.
Cultural Hero Tupac Shakur - R.I.P. Ironically Includes "Poetic Justice."
Life Sucks, Then You Die Memorial to Dead Fish.
Brand New Giveaway Scheme And You Are Not the Recipient.
From the Unique Gift Department The Do-It-Yourself Root Canal Kit.
Cosmo's Advice for Men With His Wife's Editorial Control.
Simpler, More Primitive Advice From Grogg the Neanderthal.
After a Day at the Beach Send This Guy Your Leftover Sand.
The Dog Ate My Homework And Other Time-Honored Excuses.
Anatomy Reflects Character In The Testicles of Famous People.
Nothing's Funnier Than Reality Especially That of Human Stupidity.
First Ever for Visiting Aliens A Guide to Planet Earth.
Make Your Genitals "Larger" With the Sexual Enhancement Mirror.
If Smoke and Mirrors Won't Work There Are Some Real Devices.
Join the Crusade To Save the Adverb.

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