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This site has been awarded with P.O.R.C.'s 123 Best Non-Porn Sites Of The Web Award (sponsored by Fraudutek Industries On-Line), for its continued excellence in a field all too often dominated by sinful and lust provoking images and text.
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What Others Have Said:

This is one of the best personal pages i have seen in a long time... one of the best of any type of pages i've seen. it's taking me ages to go thru all the 'cool links' but it's worth it...and your section on freedom is awesome :)

Life had no meaning until I found you....

I have viewed your site. Four hours in hospital along with the various drugs pumped into numerous organs aided my recovery, although one eye is still back- the-front at this point, and my speech is still slightly slurred. On a positive note more will there be the expense of toilet paper...I've got a little plastic bag now...As I've always suspected...The Brothers Grimm should have been dictionary authors, and Warhol a painter and decorator. In short, a truly brilliant site.

I just wanted to send you a note to say that your page is one of the best that I have had the pleasure to access.

Some of the greatest stuff on the net. Some heavy duty surfing turned up all this humor!

In the year and a half since I first found your web site, I consider it the finest general purpose site. Humor, babes, & a true understanding of what this country's government should be. WELL DONE, SIR WELL DONE!

This is the coolest link page is so organized!

Now, what I was telling you...was how much I enjoyed your site. I have spent well over two hours here, just browsing around. I've been giggling forever, it seems. I love your comments about the sites you list...

Geez, I have to leave a comment! Great site! You have sooooo much stuff, I think my wife would shoot me if I spent time to check them all out. Thanks!

This is the best collection of links to funny stuff I have ever found.


Love this page !!!!!...have been to it alot since hearing of it...hubby and i are newbies [6mos]..we have been telling our friends about your page and of course we have it bookmarked. Keep up the great work!

Oh man! You like all the same stuff I do! Playboy! Dan's Gallery of the grotesque! Everything! I love your page! All your links are top-notch! Good job! I'm gonna pass yer page along to many others! See ya!

What a lovely collection of stuff you have, er, collected. Found so much to do and see and came back and did even more and galloped and flolluped back and up and round and beyond. A true Webby's delight is Twoey's! Thanks awfully for a good hour's chunk of my company's time and phone line charged!

Your web pages are cool, stupendous, fabulous! Looks like you put in a hell of a lot of work into creating short, pithy descriptions of all those links. I needed another good excuse to explore the web!

How Diverse!! It is as if I had walked into the back room of the bar in Star Wars! There is more creativity here than I can savor at one reading! Congratulations, Twoey!

It's been a lot of fun. You've got some of the wildest jokes and the coolest links around. Definitely the best entertainment I've tapped into on the Net.

Thanks, you have the best and most interesting links page I've found, and I've found, let's say, plenty.

A very cool links page. I commend you on a well orchestrated & easy to visit site. Thanks again for your efforts and I will return soon!

Great Page!! So many great sites! I'll bookmark it!

Your links are top-rate! Super page. Apply any and all accolades. Thanks!!

Great webpage! It's now at the top of my bookmarks.

Wow! A very complete page. Do you ever sleep?


Twoey's is really a world-class site. To try to describe his very large collection of links as "cool" is inadequate. They are way beyond cool. They are undoubtedly the most offbeat, humorous, and interesting collection we have ever encountered! And the entertainment doesn't just end there, by a long shot. The tasteless humor page, which is updated daily, lives up to its name in every respect. It is not a page for those with hernias, believe us. The dream date is always a genuine Dream. The political page encompasses the greatest concepts in man's quest for true freedom. Even the quote page is, although not usually humorous, very profound and enlightening.

There is no doubt about it. We give this site a definite two thumbs up! And, if you don't absolutely agree with us, we give you a definite two middle fingers up!

(OK. So, I wrote this one myself.)

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